Death Metal vocals tutorial – Growls and Screams

One of my bands :] It’s hard to explain, so bear with me. It’s not rocket science, so I think you can figure it out. ;] If you learn from me, I’d like to hear your progress! Post a video response when you can of you doing your newly learned Death Metal vocals! 😀 Check out the Cannibal Corpse tribute band I’m in, and be sure to subscribe! 😀 Like us on Facebook! *Some clarifications* Drink water while you’re learning AND while you’re doing vocals, even if you are a pro at them. DRINK WATER. Even if you’re doing it right, it’s going to hurt for a while until you build up a tolerance to the pain. Don’t think you’re doing it wrong because it hurts a little.

THE HEAVY METAL SCALE ( Guitar Tutorial, Revised ) WITH TABS

100% FREE GUITAR LESSONS. This guitar lesson shows how to play the “Heavy Metal” scale, which is harmonic minor. It is used in classical music and makes guitar solos more classical sounding. In this revised version I have added several more riffs to practice. My guitar lesson website:

Bboy B.yu Toprock tutorial Pt.2 (1/4)

Hey guys, i know you have been waiting, so here it is I tried to make it as simple and easy as possible, so it wont be too detailed otherwise it will get confusing With these i hope you guys can get the most out of it~!, just keep practicing and you will eventually get it It will be hard at first, i know for me it was hard at first(very hard), but in the end practice makes perfect BTW THIS IS ONE OUT OF TWO the second part will be showing the battle rock, sliding step and many many other variations i haven’t shown in part 1. thankyou love o you all respect to you guys always
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