Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong’s Hardest Summer Metal Show

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Following the Underground’s exclusive Hong Kong performance of Danish one-man-band Prins Nitram, MusicDish*China is pleased to be sponsoring Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong’s definitive summer show of metal and moshing.

Closing the summer with their heaviest show yet, The Underground presents some of Hong Kong’s hardest bands, including Wu So Lui making a return appearance with their special brand of “Canto Core,” Gong Wu – recently featured on TVB Pearl’s public affairs program The Pearl Report, and finishing with HardPack and their new line up.

StoneMind (hard rock)
Darkness Pool (rock metal)
Gong Wu (funk metal)
Wu So Lui (Canto core)
HardPack (punk)

Underground Heavy #4
Saturday 31st July 2010
Rockschool, 2/F., corner of Luard Rd & Jaffe Rd., Wanchai
9:00pm – 1:30am
HK0 (includes one Asahi beer)
HOTLINE: 9486 4648

Formed in 2009: five different people – Eric Chow (Drummer), Tony Kwok (Guitarist), Vic Choi (Guitarist), Jackal Kwong (Bassist), Davy Yuen (Vocal) – who love rock n roll come together to create the music that belongs to StoneMind. We hope to express all sorts of feelings and to release dissatisfactions or stresses in life through Rock music. StoneMind members are no longer “children”, but we are still naive to believe that “rock” could change the whole world.


After several reformations, Darkness Pool was officially formed in November 2006 “Darkness Pool” can be defined as “a pool of heavy sounds”, which are best illustrated in their productions. Their songs contain a wide varitey of elements ranging from hardrock to metal, and with the wild, powerful vocal from John. Besides utilizing their creative minds in the studio, the band will also participate in many competitions and shows in future. So keep your ears open for them, dive deep down the pool and see what you’ll get!

GONG WU –   
Gong Wu bring back ferocious,authentic funk metal at a time when music is being poisoned by mindless emo and bubblegum noise. Gong Wu are raw, dirty, honest; they play music that’s like a hard punch to the gut. But it’s music that isn’t simply there to shock; there are sexed-up melodies underpinning every song.



Wu So Lui is potentially the most eccentric public figure currently walking the streets of Hong Kong. Pro-wrestler, rock star and party personality, Wu So Lui made his first public appearances in Hong Kong in 2008, when he began happily wreaking havoc and making friends in the mosh pits of the Hong Kong underground music scene. While he took a temporary hiatus from the ring in 2009, he not only returned to wrestling but also made his debut as a heavy metal vocalist in March 2010, publicly combining his love for metal with his love for Cantonese pop with his first public performance of a music genre he calls “Canto Core”.

Hardpack’s sound is punk rock with a focus on looking on the positive side of life. Their live shows are deeply rooted on creating an atmosphere based on friendship not just with each other, but with the entire audience. The ultimate goal of these 5 young passionate punks is to help build up Hong Kong’s punk rock scene together with many of Hong Kong’s other punks in order to let people around this city, and the world over, to revel in the spirit of punk rock!

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