Wraith zYn’s Red Faction: Guerrilla Montage: Immolation

Hey everyone, this is my newest montage “Immolation” for Red Faction: Guerrilla. The clips are taken from 9 days of playing, and probably about 30 hours of game play. I focused mainly on the grinder since it is my favorite gun, however, the kills range through almost all of the weapons. The intro and Outro were created in Adobe AfterFX and the songs used are Dragula+Superbeast by Rob Zombie. Comments are appreciated, and I will most likely reply. Any suggestions or criticism is welcome, I’m always looking to improve, and the only way for me to know what you liked or didn’t like is if you let me know! Thanks, and hope you enjoy it. I claim no rights to the music or the game Red Faction: Guerrilla, they belong to their respective owners.

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