Why You Should Pass on Hardcore Music Before Exams and Switch to Mozart

It is quite controversial, but effects of heavy metal and hard rock music on the brain is not so great. Please understand me good. I am fan of hard music myself if lyrics are smart and motivate me for action. In the same time it was proven numerous times that when it comes to learning nothing can beat Mozart’s piano concerts.

Effects of music on our brains is mentioned by thousands (if not millions) of people every single day. It means that there is quite a big demand for some knowledge and facts in this area. Some people do not love when their children listen to hard stuff and think that it makes them stupid. This is a stereotype which needs to fall down. It is as untrue as saying that punk music is the best choice for studying history. Music can bring feelings of happiness and joy, but also sorrow and even unpleasant memories. What is truly special about classical music is that it is pretty often kept in the same rhythm in which our heart beats naturally. That is a fact and at least for me was extremely surprising. How does it affect us? It simply makes us calmer, more relaxed and set our minds in a more receptive state. Thanks to that we will learn faster and memorize things more easily. In opposition extremely fast techno will not let us relax easily and through that make learning process harder. Everyone knows that learning brings best effects when it is performed in calm place where we can concentrate. There are few more things you might want to know so let’s roll.

One of the first experiments was performed by American scientists and even if it was extremely simple the results obtained were clear. Subject of research was listening to trash metal for ten minutes and then was asked to put his hands up. Once hands was up two assistants were trying to pull them down and they’ve succeed pretty quickly. Right after half an hour break subject started to listen to classical music and again after ten minutes was asked to put his hands up. In the second try none of the assistants was able to put subject’s hands down. Coincidence or something more? Experiment was repeated many times by many scientists and the results were always the same. Classical music not only strengthen up your mind and creativity, but also makes you physically stronger. It is quite amazing how music affect brain so once you acknowledge it you can start using it as advantage in your life and studies.

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