What the Melodic Death Metal Is About?

The Death Metal musical genre was the starting point of what is now often known as Melodeath or Melodic Death Metal. It is a combination of new wave heavy metal genre introduced by British invasion and death metal. This started off as an underground movement in Gothenburg, Sweden early within the 1990s and have become increasingly prevalent through the years until today.

At first the sound combined the harsh style which was commonly within heavy metal with harsh guitars and violent lyrics. Through the years, the gradual inclusion of keyboards played with all the guitar and vocal solos saw an evolution for the movement. After some time, the acoustic guitar was included to the playing by some newer bands. Soon, many bands were born out of the movement that started out as popular bands in central Europe but in time whose popularity spread out to the rest of Europe such as bands Dark Tranquility, At the Gates, In Flames and Grotesque (which actually started in the 1980s) that eventually split up to create two very popular bands called At the Gates and Liers in Wait. The melodic sub-genre accepted band Dark Tranquility has become known to be the longest running melodic death metal band and the pioneer to the all the rage movement today.

By the late 1990s, many bands started changing the style and made the music more melodic. The lyrics of style became increasingly different from those of heavy metal lyrics. No longer did they focus on gore, violence, horror or blood topics in their lyrics. There was no longer just screaming and pounding on the stage, the lead singers actually sang to the music. More guitar riffs were included, the keyboard became more prominent and also the choruses were introduced which greatly changed the whole style and made it different from heavy metal.

In the long run, newer bands like Lost Eden, Deadlock and Blood Stain started introducing techno beat and trance beats to a music they played. This became referred to as the trance metal style. Maybe the Scandinavians were the first to introduce to the world the sound of melodic death metal but its movement soon became more and more accepted to the rest of the world. Bands like Universum can now be heard and seen coming from Australia where they have managed to mix the musical essentials made trendy from the bands trendy in America and in Europe.

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