Top 20 Heavy Metal Bands

It includes all the genres of Heavy metal.. and its my personal favourites only! 1- Anthrax- Caught in a mosh(Thrash) 2- Exodus- Piranha(Thrash) 3- Amon Amarth- Cry of a Black bird(Death) 4- Sepultura- Refuse/Resist(Groove/Thrash) 5- Children of Bodom- In your face(Melodic death) 6- Motorhead- Evolution(Heavy Metal) 7- Judas Priest- Breaking the Law(NWOBHM) 8- Black Sabbath- Iron Man(Heavy Metal) 9- Sodom- M 16(Thrash) 10- Lamb of God- redneck(Groove/Thrash) 11- Megadeth- Symphony of Destruction(Thrash) 12- Mudvayne- Forget to Remember(Alternative) 13- Hellyeah- Matter of time(Groove) 14- System of a Down- Toxicity(Alternative) 15- Disturbed- Deify(Alternative) 16- Pantera- Domination(Thrash) 17- Slayer- Jihad(Thrash) 18- Metallica- Master of Puppets(Thrash) 19- Iron Maiden- Fear of the Dark (NWOBHM) 20- Kreator- Enemy of God ( Thrash)
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