Top 15 Melodic Death Metal Bands (You Probably Never Heard Of)

As the title implies, this is a personal compilation of my top 15 melodeath bands that AREN’T in the “melodeath mainstream.” In this video, you won’t find any Kalmah, Scar Symmetry, In Flames, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Insomnium, Norther, or the likes. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy these “melodeath mainstream” bands too, but I want to give some credit and publicity to all the lesser known guys out there that still make amazing music. List of bands/songs in the video (in order from most most favorite to least most favorite): 1.) Fractal Gates – Skies of Orion 2.) Deus Ex Machina – Jigsaw 3.) In Grief – In The End 4.) This Ending – The Asylum 5.) Burden of Grief – Swallow the Sun 6.) Callenish Circle – Ignorant 7.) Gardenian – As a True King 8.) Instant Suppression – Shapeless Threat 9.) Hypnosis – The Day We Failed 10.) Dark Age – Minus Exitus 11.) myGRAIN – Downfall 12.) Neptune – Gearsoul Supremacy 13.) D Creation – Silent Echoes 14.) Code for Silence – Giant Man 15.) Closer – Chaos Internal 16.) Blind Stare – Shotgun Symphony (end song) 17.) Beyond the Embrace – Redeemer (intro song) Sorry about the quality of the video (both overall quality and audio), as well as the part during Burden of Grief that skips. I had a lot of trouble exporting this thing from Windows Movie Maker (it wouldn’t let me), and I ended up having to record the preview in Fraps and then stitch two parts together. As always, Fraps got off sync, so that skipping part during BoG shows how off sync
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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