Top 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Ever

I tried to keep this top 10 to pretty famous, or well-known and loved songs and not put strange underground or obscure things. Here is the 30 down to 10 list which encompasses some more obscure songs and ones I feel should be regarded on the same level as the ones featured in the top 10. 30.Judas-Yngwie Malmsteen 29.Epiclore-Labyrinth Alpha 28.Burnt Offering-Iced Earth 27.Geri’s Lament (When)-Intruder 26.Gallows Pole-Demons & Wizards 25.The End Of Living-Morgana Lefay 24.Hiberno-Latin Invasion-The Lord Weird Slough Feg 23.Welcome Home-King Diamond 22.The Ninja-Cacophony 21.Arc Of Space-Bruce Dickinson 20.The Piper Never Dies-Edguy 19.Cathedral Spires-Judas Priest 18.Tears Of A Mandrake-Edguy 17.In Mist She Was Standing-Opeth 16.Windrider-Ensiferum 15.Phantom Of The Opera-Iron Maiden 14.La Voz Dormida-M├Ągo de Oz 13.Hallowed Be Thy Name-Iron Maiden 12.Nightfall-Blind Guardian 11.Candlelight Fantasia-Symphony X

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