Top 10 Death/Blackened Death Metal Bands

These are my favorite death and black metal bands. There actually isnt any true black metal, but there is some blackened death metal. Ok, sorry, let me clarify. If you dont like it, please be mature about it when you comment. The songs in order: 10: Suffocation – Blind Torture Kill 9: Gorerotted – Only Tools and Corpses 8: Decapitated – Day 69 7: Deicide – Homage for Satan 6: Bloodbath – Outnumbering the Day 5: Behemoth – Conquer All 4: Belphegor – Bondage Goat Zombie 3: Arsis – Oh The Humanity 2: The Berzerker – Reality 1: Nile – Cast Down The Heretic Honorable Mentions (Bands that should also be on this list): Opeth (I would have included them in this list but I consider them more progressive/death metal rather than pure death metal) Cannibal Corpse Cattle Decapitation Vader Dying Fetus Empyrean Aeon Carcass Napalm Death Satyricon Brain Drill

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