Theophilus London talks Kanye West, Notorious BIG, Creative Process + More Exclusive in-depth interview with Theophilus London. In part 1 Theophilus talks to Nick Huff Barili about growing up in Brooklyn and listening to a lot of Calypso music, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Mase, P Diddy, Marvin Gaye and so on. Theophilus recalls his first Hip Hop memory as watching Snoop Dogg’s Gin N Juice Video with his friends and being amazed when Snoop morphed into a Dog. TL goes on to say that Kanye West’s Late Registration was the first rap record that blew his mind. TL said that he likes the relationship he has with Kanye because they talk about Women and Music. He added that he is not in a rush to run into the studio with Kanye and that for now it’s good to just have him as a friend and mentor. Not needing a Co-Sing or having big features on his album Theophilus instead worked on his relationship with Brands, his imaging and custom building his clothes. He went as far as quoting Madonna “If no one wants to use you, you are worthless?”. Say Word?? The interview continues with TL talking about how his sound developed from his mixtape This Charming Mixtape to his new album Timez Are Weird These Days, which he didn’t use samples on because he wanted to show people that he can write songs. The album was built on spirituality and faith in progressive music and not trying to work with producers or artists to try to sell records. Make sure to subscribe to for our latest videos, including part 2 of our
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