The yhetee are fast moving hard to hit targets

The yhetee are fast moving hard to hit targets
hard rock hits
Image by jon_a_ross
Turn four of the battle of lost forts.
So far the ogres have been pushing a rock uphill. This round was no different, as the lich priest joins the bone giant in fighting the yhetee. Magic, evil vile magic, allows the tomb kings to get their prince Tec’lan into combat against the yhetee as well.
The impact hits this time do not result in any damage, and one of the chariots gets a dent as it moves to be in formation against the yhetee.

The yhetee themselves are supernaturally cold, giving those attacking them a minus one to hit. That bonus was enough allow the yhetee to weather all attacks against them, suffering only a single wound. Prince Tec’lan took on the Yhetee leader in single combat and delivered the wounding blow.

The yhetee in turn were able to hurt the bone giant some more and kill two of the horsemen.

However, for all their success against the tomb kings they still lost combat and fled over the ruins. Luckly they could move over it while the enemy could only watch as they went.
However, on the ogre kingdom’s turn the yhetee failed to recover, fleeing another 11 inches.

Now the game turns to the tomb kings to see what they wish to do to proceed. Even in the best case for the yhetee they rally on their turn and they will have a single move left after that.

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