The Worshyp – Never Afraid The Worshyp – Never Afraid From the album Kingdom Earth The Worshyp is currently the #3 top ranking Heavy Metal Band in Canada with a new cd Evil Abounds featuring Jimmy DeGrasso, ex-Megadeth drummer due out in early 2012. Never Afraid is the most relaxed the album gets. Vocals are on display over a lovely little melody which then launches into another thrashing riff. An interesting mix of one of those songs which will have lighters waving above people’s heads and a slashing pit driver. Easily the most old school and probably the best guitar solo on the album announces its presence in fine form over another series of riffs that will satisfy even the hardest metal head. The song closes out just the same way it opened up, beautiful and melodic. This track has to be one of the best metal ballads of recent times in my opinion. —-Shayne Bishop This article was originally posted by: Shayne Bishop, The Hard Rock Show on:
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