The Who, My Hard Rock Band

I‘ve just wrote an article about TV show, when talked about the CSI Las Vegas, we brought up a hard rock band The Who, all three CSI’s titles from their work, because of space limitations, did not begin that, but on this band and their three songs used by CSI, there are some interesting things to say about.

The Who fame in the mid-sixties of last century, their greatest feature is its extremely bold casual style of the stage, but four members of the different characters to achieve an organic fusion, which guitarist Pete Townshend is the soul of the band. Too much to say that their music is not my strength, feeling that modern discovery, although they do rock the stage at the pace at times feel a bit chaotic, but their work is rare tunes are ear, and their feelings to the whims of the concert with their release, and as they HIGH to the limit.

Baba O’Riley was CSI: NY for Opening theme song used is my favorite The Who song. This song great influence in the West, widely popular in last year’s TV talent show “America”, the famous Blue Man Group was invited as the guests live concert performances is the song, the scene is very effective hot. Blue Man Group was founded in 1987, is a mime performance-based trio, which typically marked by strong uniform cobalt blue painted face and dressed in black, which is known as the Blue Man. Blue Man’s basic music is rock, very exciting. Main instrument is similar to the African drums. Actual performance in the use of a variety of materials such as PVC pipe materials, wooden spoon, were not imagine the sounds and effects.

There are too many reasons to like CSI, characters, story, lighting, music, guest stars, etc., etc., but The Who’s opening theme is that everyone can not ignore the person out of a permanent excited to bring an important element. If you can read this article in full and the inside of the video, you will probably addicted to these old men of British hardcore.


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