the top ten moves of THE ROCK

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any video clip. I DO NOT own the song. I make this video to respond the video of sanjayafan1234567890. You missed a lot of The Rock moves. Well everybody can be a critic so I made a video with my opinion. If you dislike *rank*position* of a move or if I miss one move that should have been in the top10 list feel free to comment,and I could make another video with the moves of choose of the viewers. Anyway I didn’t upload the video with an agressive intension to sanjayafan1234567890,I just posted my opinion. SONG:Bounce of Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics: Verse 1 We come rushing through your stereo system, into your ear canal, like the alignment of the solar system Have you forgotten about the days when, We just wanted to rock, ’cause we like it that way, and No more hate, no more lies, no more politics, So sick of fakes, who cry, over copied riffs, This is the day, that we rise, and we conquer it, Raise your mics to the sky, like apocalypse Chorus: Everyone Bounce, show me what it’s all about, Don’t stand just Bounce, ’cause we’re takin’ over now it’s TFK, we rock the party, and keep the party jumpin’ In an old school way Verse 2: Situation restless, like someone tryin’ to sneek up on the guest list, play for a team that’s called “not to mess with”, And check out the scenario, let the sound ya hear, control your stereo Turn it up, and let the people know, I’m never lettin’ go, I’m never lettin’ go, this is the day, that we rise, and we Conquer it
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