the sweet – little willy HQ (with lyrics)

North side east side little Willy Willy wears the crown he’s the king around town. Dancing glancing Willy drives them silly with his star shooter shimmy shuffle down. ‘Way past one and feeling alright ’cause when little Willy’s round they can last all night. Lay down stay down stay down down. ‘Cause little Willy Willy won’t go home but can’t push Willy round Willy won’t go; try tellin’ ev’rybody but oh no little Willy Willy won’t go home. Up town down town little Willy Willy drives them wild with his runaround style. Inside outside Willy sends them silly with his starshine shimmy shuffle smile. Mama done chase Willy down thru’ the hall but laugh Willy laugh he don’t care at all. Lay down stay down stay down down. ‘Cause little Willy… Little Willy Willy won’t Willy won’t Willy won’t little Willy Willy won’t Willy won’t Willy won’t. Sweet’s origins go back to 1965, with UK soul band “Wainwright’s Gentlemen”, which included drummer Mick Tucker and vocalist Ian Gillan. The group were limited to small UK clubs playing a mixture of R&B and psychedelia. Gillan quit in May 1965 to join Episode Six, and, later, Deep Purple. Gillan’s eventual replacement was vocalist Brian Connolly. Tucker and Connolly remained with Wainwright’s Gentlemen until early 1968. In January 1968, Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker left Wainwright’s Gentlemen to form another band, calling themselves The Sweetshop. They recruited a bass guitarist/lead vocalist named Steve Priest from a local band called ‘The
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