The New Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Theme Park

For years, the sand and sun has been a major draw for tourists in South Carolina, but the new Hard Rock Park at Myrtle Beach promises to make the beach even more exciting. The 140-acre international attraction has been billed as a revolution in the evolution of theme parks. Hard Rock Park features a variety of attractions that are sure to please anyone who is a fan of rock n’ roll.

Hard Rock Park is divided into six unique themes, or rock environs, including Rock N’ Roll Heaven, Cool Country and British Invasion. Each environ celebrates the culture, legends, and lifestyle of rock n’ roll that fall under that theme. Theme celebrations include rides, shows and displays of memorabilia that fully capture the essence of each area of rock n’ roll culture. There are also restaurants, caf├ęs, retail stores, and children’s play areas. Of course, it is Hard Rock Park, so there will be live music in an outdoor amphitheater that is fully equipped with a sound system designed especially for the amphitheater.

One of the rides that will be featured in Hard Rock Park is Led Zeppelin – The Ride, which is fittingly located in Rock N’ Roll Heaven. A looping steel roller coaster built partially over water, The Ride is taller than the Statue of Liberty, from base to torch, and is made of enough steel to wrap Wembley Stadium. Riders will climb 150 feet into the sky before plunging into a course that includes six full inversions, the largest of which is a 120-foot loop. The entire ride will be choreographed to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” which is pumped into speakers in each individual car.

Memorabilia displays will help bring the history of rock n’ roll to life. Madonna’s jacket from the cover of “Music” is but one of the many items included in the park. The first item received by Hard Rock Park was the authentic Magical Mystery bus from the Beatles’ movie. Riders of Led Zeppelin – The Ride enter a silver airship and walking past murals, props and music videos to reach the roller coaster. Each area of the park has its own specific memorabilia to help bring the theme to life.

For those who would like to bask in the glorious evolution of rock n’ roll, but have no idea where to stay, the Oceania family of resorts may be an ideal choice. The Oceania family consists of five resort properties scattered along Myrtle Beach, including the wildly popular Sandcastle Resort. Not only will you find an incredible place to stay, with convenient access to all of the local attractions, but the resorts are currently considering offering Hard Rock Park tickets as part of their vacation packages.

For anyone considering a vacation that includes a theme park, Hard Rock Park is the perfect opportunity to break away from the usual and experience something totally different. In fact, the park is a perfect vacation spot for families, fans of rock n’ roll, and the Myrtle Beach regulars who are looking for something new.

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