The Music Playlists Continue…

The Music Playlists Continue…
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Dumped the playlist from the iPod.

View it at….

815 current popular songs that I hand-picked back near end of summer last year, and I’ve been adding to it.

Now, I can unify it with the local computer list.

(No small task in itself. Thanks, Apple, for making it so you have to jump through hoops, and can’t export the iPod playlist through iTunes – local lists work.)

I found a freeware open source program that provided one hell of a solution. I was able to pull off music that friends put on my ‘pod, even after a couple previous utilities failed me. (Don’t Steal Music, folks… ^_^;)

Next up: CD and Vinyl gathering. That’ll take a while, I have to manually enter stuff in. At least I’m justifying beta testing.

(Good God, why do I have 56 kbps versions of Deee-Lite music? I have "World Clique" and "Infinity Within" on CD – I need to find those discs and rip them at 256 or 320… Rai-chan no baka! [Yes, deal with it, Patrick — Rai-chan no BAKA…] ^_^;)

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