The Five Faces of Metallica

These are five different songs that opened Metallica up to different audiences.  Metallica has so many fans, of so many different groups, and these groups discovered Metallica through these songs:

5 – Dyers Eve – And Justice for All…

A lightning quick song that amazed thrash and speed metal fans.  This song is so fast that the Metallica today has a very hard time trying to play it like they did those 20 years ago.  Though it is not often played live, it has been played a few times on select tours.  This song, known for it’s speed and powerful chords, opened the heavy metal, thrash metal, and speed metal fans up to Metallica’s ability.

4 – Hero of the Day – Load

One of Metallica’s first slower paced songs.  Though it picks up tempo in the middle, it was rejected at first by Metallica’s fan-base for being too slow and “rockish”.  The Load album was the first of Metallica’s alternative rock experiment and many fans did not approve.  However, many alternative rock fans found this song to be very good and it is now known as one of Metallica’s most famous songs.

3 – Until it Sleeps – Load

A new voice took the reins in the Load album, the secular voice.  The song “Until it Sleeps” was written to tackle some of the popular religious beliefs that James was struggling with.  James’ mother had just died after refusing life-saving medication because she thought that “God would save her”.  James comments on the illogical and showcases the popular, conflicting arguments between science and religion.  This song helped to get Metallica noticed by the atheistic community and the intellectuals who found the song to be an enriching caricature on the debate they were dealing with.

2 – No Leaf Clover – S & M  symphony

Over the years leading up to Metallica’s performance with the San Fransisco orchestra, James was playing around with a few new riffs he hadn’t fit into a song yet.  When the album S & M started recording and Metallica was accompanied by a full orchestra, James’ new riffs found a home in “No Leaf Clover”.  This song was created for the orchestra album and show.  It helped showcase Metallica as not only metal-heads, but as intelligent artists who knew how to create brilliant songs.

1 – Master of Puppets – Master of Puppets

A truly amazing masterpiece of metal banging performance.  This 8 minute song is one of the most popular in the bands history and helped bring Metallica to fame when it was released.  Who couldn’t love the powerful riff, the clever lyrics, or the interesting middle section.  The song topped charts and brought Metallica out in the open for the world to see.

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