The Empire Hideous – Heaven Raining Bullets

The Empire Hideous ‘Body Of Work’ – 1988-2006 © Hell’s Hundred Records. Q: What is THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS? A: THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS is a hard rock band that was created by Myke Hideous and dominated the darker, hard rock scene until Myke pulled it apart in 1998, following other dreams and endeavors, only to resurface at a later date. Myke is the original member of the band. Q: Who is MYKE HIDEOUS? A: Myke Hideous is a singer/songwriter/musician who took his creative abilities to perform and focused his sights on creating a band and playing hard rock music. He has since fronted as lead vocalist for the world famous MISFITS in 1998, having toured all of Europe and South America, performing to nearly 100000 people in just 4 months. He was also the lead singer for the heavy metal band THE BRONX CASKET CO., and has recorded two albums on Massacre Records (Europe), which has sold over 30000 copies worldwide. The BCC is a side-project created by OVERKILL bassist DD VERNI. BCC recorded their third album in 2005, which is currently available. Myke also assembled the concept for his other band (now on hiatus) known as SPYSOCIETY99 (a swing-punk-death-rock-a-billy band). In addition to all these efforts, as well as being an artist in several different mediums, Myke also wrote an autobiography entitled: KING OF AN EMPIRE TO THE SHOES OF A MISFIT (Author House Publishing). That exposed his journey as a musician in the market we call rock-n-roll. Myke is the only

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