The Devil Dogs by TEAMHEADKICK (Gears of War 2 Metal Music Video) Click above to watch Left Me 4 Dead (Left 4 Dead 2 Metal Music Video) by TEAMHEADKICK! The Devil Dogs by TEAMHEADKICK (Gears of War 2 Metal Music Video) Music video created using assets from GOW2, and music from TEAMHEADKICK. The Devil Dogs is a comedic rock song mixing comedy, Gears related lyrics, and a heavy fast paced riff for you guys, the fans! Enjoy! MP3 available on iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK. LYRICS: The Devil Dogs Were Marines, were big, were bad, were buff Locust slaying, bullet spraying, never get enough Gun slinging, death bringing, straight fucking you up Dishin ass kickins, how many do you want? You Alien douchebags, youd better get away I got a chainsaw on my gun, you bitches better pray Quick throw a grenade into that hole, I just hit my active reload Lets go time to tear it up, Ill use a torque bow and shoot a drone in the butt Torque Bow in the butt x(4) Were Machines, were mean, we make alien stew Carmine get out of the way you stupid noob Hold on just a second, wait give me that We need a diaper with that sniper cause your aiming is crap You Alien dipshits you better fear my wrath Troika turret is cutting down a path You want to fight, well bring it on Ill melt your face with the Hammer of Dawn Some things are worth fighting for, Cry havok Let slip the Gears of War. The Devil Dogs Well were bad ass, were fast, well make you die Brumak riding, reaver slaying, ruff neck Semper Fi Making Alien salsa with guns and
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