The Daily Songer – Asteroid Hits Earth and Moon?! (Song #22)

LIKE Favorite, thumbs up! It helps me a lot! The Daily Songer #22 I thought that this was the end of the daily songer. But then my son had an idea so we went with it. I mentioned that the asteroid 2005 YU55 will have its near miss tomorrow. He made up the rap and I made the music. So I was more like the producer today. Here’s the article Asteroid Hits Earth and Moon By Dan Tulloh and Neil T. © 2011 Lyrics Uh huh I’m an asteroid Yo I’ll be crashing in the moon If you don’t reverse me I’ll be hitting earth soon Asteroids are made of metal and rock But I’ll be making sweat music like JS Bach Crashing into stuff is just what I do Now you better watch out or I’ll come for you Yo Neil T. in the house Yeah I’m out Peace License information Asteroid Image Source: The Social Links: • YouTube ‪ • Twitter ‪ • Facebook ‪ • Google Plus • Dailybooth ‪
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