The Cameo

The Cameo
heavy metal movie
Image by angus mcdiarmid
I should point out that the problems that the people are discussing in the notes on the photograph have never, to my knowledge, occurred in the Cameo, which has first-rate projectionists.

Later in the discussion on the message board, a projectionist calling himself Marxthedude explained precisely what the cause of the problem is, if you’re interested:

"Ok, I’m a projectionist who has worked with this film so I can solve this one, kara-henry.

‘Burn After Reading’ is filmed as ‘open frame’ which means all the frames in the reels have areas of picture which should not be visible when projected. Namely the frames are square and the picture projected through what is called an aperture plate (a metal rectangle plate) would crop off these areas so it is rectangle (and doesn’t show through the black felt around the screen known as masking!)
When the film is started (or after a breakdown which sounds like what happened here) the projectionist should check the image is ‘racked’ correctly, namely CENTRAL. That’s pretty easy to see by studying a minute or so of the film. Are heads being cxropped off ?(too high) Are boom mikes visible or actor’s close up’s visibly top heavy with lower face missing? (too low).

This is VERY shoddy of your local cinema!

Not only were you seeing an area of the image you should’nt have but as a result the bottom of the frame was cropped off too!

Sumerise the above and insist repeat INSIST on getting your money back! "

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