The Best Rock Songs Ever

Hi there, here is my collection of the best rock songs ever. Although i’m dutch and only 16 I still know some great songs. Damm I wish i was born 20 years earlier….Anyway, enjoy the songs that I picked, and maybe you discover some songs you like. And yes, I put some bands in that are more classified as metal, but imo the gap between rock and metal isn’t that great and i’m sure many people listen to both. (Like I do) Oyeah, before I forget: Commenting on the movie is really apreciated, I really want to know what you think about it. But please don’t make comments like ”WTF? No Stairway To Heaven?” That’s really anoying, and doesn’t make sense Cheers, please rate it, and enjoy! There are some mistakes about Layla. It is from Derek and the Dominoes and Clapton was part of that band. Often he only get’s credit for the song, but he was only a member. (And I couldn’t find a logo, thats why the pizza logo;)) (There’s a small change I create a second movie, and for that I need new awesome rock songs. I already got some, but not enough to make a new movie..Do you know a great song, that would fit on that list?? Please add a link on a comment, and I’ll check it out!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5