The Best of Metal Band

Today the metal band seem seeking and only the few metal community who is still exist.but beside that there are so many the new metal band who comes up to the surface.but the metal band still authorized by the old metal band such as the Father of metal band METALLICA,nightwish,dimmu borgir,LAMB OF GOD and many more.the new metal band is hard to beat the old metal band,there is no answer why could be that.

But the metal band only develop in several countries especially in EUROPE and AMERICA. in ASIA there are several band who can also to fight to get the audience or listener.the most phenomenal band is nightwish the metal band from sweden,slayer and opeth.Nightwish has a women vocalist that in this years has awarded Swedish Metal Awards 2008 and opeth has great welcome for their new album with the tittle watershed.

As we know in Europe and metallica there are so many music metal festival that make the music metal can be develop so they born the best metal band each year.because they give the change to express the music and then they also can learn from the senior metal band how to make the best music is very different with the Asia who do not have the famous metal band.but recently I heard there is the metal band from japan who will perform in USA.I think in Asia and the other countries has the best metal band the differences is the do not have a change to perform they metal music.
so this is make sense why the only Europe and America countries who always reborn the best next metal band.

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