The Baying of the Hounds – Opeth

Incredible song from opeth… no more words needed…. Lyrics: I hear the baying of the hounds In the distance, I hear them devouring Pest-ridden jackals of the earth Diabolical beasts and roaming the forests In wait and constant protectors Calling you to sit by his side Your self-loathing image in his flesh A revelation upon which you linger His words are flies Swarming towards the true insects Feasting on buried dreams And spreading decay upon your skin His eyes spew forth a darkness That cut through and paralyse Casts light upon your secrets Forced to confront your enemies His mouth is a vortex Sucking you into it’s pandemonium Fools you with a helping hand of ashes Reached out in false dismay His body is a country The cities lay dead beyond despair Friends turned enemies unable to come clean In a rising fog of reeking death Everything you believed is a lie Everyone you loved is a death-burden So you take comfort in him And you are receptive to stark wishes No longer struggling to declare your stand You would inflict no harm to others They are unaware and in a loop of futile events You are everything, they are nothing Drown in the deep mire With past desires Beneath the mire Drown desire now with you Lined up verses on dead skin “The tainted lips of a stranger Resting upon hers” And I embrace bereavement Everything beloved is shattered anyway I would devote myself to anyone I would accept any flaws I am too weak to resist Tension vibrating with horror Finding the

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