The Angels – Take A Long Line (1978)

Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1978: The Angels performing live the hit single ‘Take A Long Line’, taken from the 1978 album ‘Face To Face’. Band Origin: Adelaide, SA, Australia Track: Take A Long Line Album: Face To Face Composed By: John Brewster, Bernard Neeson, and Richard Brewster. Produced By: Mark Opitz / The Angels Label: Alberts Production Chart Position: # 29 (Australia) Release Date: Footage Information: Links: – – Line-up: Doc Neeson — Vocals John Brewster – Guitar [ The Moonshine Jug and String Band (1970-1974) — The Keystone Angels (1974-1975) — The Angels (1976-present) — The Party Boys (1986-1989) — The Bombers — The Fallen — Wayne Jury –Angry Anderson Band –Double Trouble — The Brewster Brothers ] Rick Brewster — Guitar Graham “Buzz Throckman” Bidstrup — Drums Chris Bailey – Bass [ The Angels (1977-1982) — GANGgajang (1984-present) — The Angels rejoined (2008) ] ——————————————– NZOZ NZOZ1978 1978 Australia Late Seventies 1970’s 1970s 70’s 70s Extended Tags: Doc Neeson, John Brewster, Rick Brewster Musical Terms: Pub, Hard Rock, New Wave, Aussie, Old Australian Band
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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