AC/DC Hells Bells: Live In Winnipeg 08/22/09

WINNIPEG – Concert. Of. The. Year. No, I haven’t forgotten the Costello and Coldplay shows. But let’s be honest: When it comes to big-ass, barn-burning, blow-your-face-off rock spectacle, it’s hard to beat AC/DC. And when you put AC/DC in a sold-out Canad Inns Stadium on one of the few reasonably warm, sunny and dry Saturdays of the summer, well, it doesn’t get better than that. If you don’t believe me, ask the 46000+ crazed fans of all shapes, sizes and ages who were lucky enough to get tickets — and the thousands more who wished they had. Yep, everybody loves AC/DC, including The Big Rock God Upstairs and his old lady Mother Nature, judging by the weather. Why? Because AC/DC are the most dependable band in the universe. Other acts come and go, rise and fall, but the Aussie rockers never change, never grow up, never wimp out. You buy one of their CDs or concert tickets, you know exactly what you’re getting: A hearty portion of meat-and-potatoes guitar-rock. It’s the musical comfort food they’ve dished out since your Dad dug them. And when they served it again last night, the crowd ate it up. Mounting their ginormous stage at the south end of the field just after sunset — and after a lascivious cartoon involving a runaway train full of hotties — the band made a literally explosive entrance, blasting out their recent single Rock N Roll Train in front of a full-size, smoke-belching, spark-spewing locomotive.Flanked by massive vertical video screens and illuminated by a