Lil Wayne – How To Love – Tyler Ward & Christina Grimmie (Rock Cover)

Tour Dates: A BIG thumbs up to Christina Grimmie!!! She’s incredible!!! Tyler Ward on iTunes: Youtube: Facebook: Tyler: Christina: Music produced by:Tyler Ward Video Shot by Tyler Ward and our lovely friend Sean Waldron ( ‘How To Love’ as originally performed by Lil Wayne Written by: Dwayne Carter, Jr., Noel Fisher, LaMar Seymour, LaNelle Seymour, Jermaine Preyan Published by: Drummah Boyz Worldwide LLC, Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing & EMI Music Publishing : ) Tyler
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Paolo from Trivium On Lil Wayne, Toby Keith, Unusual Influences

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto from Trivium chats with about his interest in genres outside of metal, like electronic, pop and R and B. He tells us this music still teaches him something about songwriting. Unless it’s Toby Keith.
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Eliot Wayne – New – Alternative Rock – Country Rock – Best – Great Guitarists – Southern Rock – Video shot by City view productions in Austin, Texas Best New artists. New Alternative rock. New Southern Rock. Heavy. Blues Guitar. Solo. American. bands. Great voices. Vocalists. Vocals good beat. groove. New Music. Hits. Original. Songs. Hard Rock. Indie. Pop. New Rock. Best. New country blues. New Country Rock. Texas. Austin. Top. Ten. Extraordinaire. Cool. United States. Hits. Adult Contemporary. Best Unsigned unknown singers. retro. bands. Favorite. New rock music.. American. Original bands. 2011 Songs. New alt rock. Great Guitarists. English influenced. UK. Guitar players. Incredible Drummers. Nick Louis. Bass players. Amazing. bands. Awesome. Rock. Most powerful. Fender telecaster. Soulful Singers. R & B. Power Soul. Post-Grunge. United Kingdom.
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Eliot Wayne – New Alternative Rock – Southern Rock – Heavy Blues Rock – New Artists

Not moving at all – Trevor detling-drums. Jemmie Hill-Bass Eliot Wayne-vocals, guitar. New alternative rock. Southern rock. Indie. hard. heavy. blues guitar. great, best unsigned singers, bands, songwriters, vocalists. austin, texas. new rock artists. favorite. original songs, bands, videos, lyrics. hot, top, hits. power soul. soulful music, singers, guitar players.

Travis Barker talks DJ AM, Lil Wayne, Yelawolf, New Album, Hip Hop influences Travis Baker sat down with Nick Huff Barili yesterday to talk about his new solo album “Give The Drummer Some” coming out March 15th. Travis explains the meaning behind the title and how DJ AM would include James Brown samples on their mixtapes and live performances together. AM was an influence to Travis helping push his musical boundaries even further and introducing him to new hip hop and dubstep. Travis recalls his early Hip Hop memories of listening to Whodini, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, RunDMC and how later when he was skating he would listen to Tha Alkaholiks, Pharcyde, Wu-Tang, Hiero (Same stuff we grew up on!). One of the standout tracks on the new album is “Let’s Go” which features Busta Rhymes, Twista and Yelawolf. Travis explains how the track came about and how it almost seems like a rap contest cause each MC sounds like they are trying to out do the other. And that’s just the beginning, in the rest of this in depth interview Travis talks about RZA, Pharrell, Lupe, Chuck from Cool Kids, Tom Morello , being part of a Jazz Bands, his friendships with Game and Lil Wayne and more! Make sure to subscribe to to get our latest videos!

Tech N9ne on visiting Lil Wayne in Jail, BET Cypher, Going Mainstream???

‪ Exclusive in-depth interview with Tech N9ne. In part 1 Tech talks to Nick Huff Barili about his recent appearance in the BET Cypher. Tech said that its crazy how after all these years of a lot of people calling him a devil worshiper and saying his music is white boy music BET reached out and asked him in to participate in their awards. Tech also responds to comments made by some fans that he has gone mainstream because he is doing songs with Lil Wayne and T-Pain. Speaking of Lil Wayne, Tech gives us some insight into a 3 hours conversation they had when Tech went to visit Wayne in prison. We are just getting started, Nick talked to Tech N9ne for an hour. Part two will be up next week. You also don’t want to miss the freestyle Tech spit for us!! Make sure to subscribe to for our latest videos, including part 2 of our interview with Tech N9ne. You can also follow us at and @Hardknocktv @NickHuff on twitter.

Club Penguin: Let It Rock- Kevin Rudolph ft Lil Wayne

Verse 1 : Kevin Rudolph) I see your dirty face High behind your collar What is done in vain Truth is hard to swallow So you pray to God To justify the way you live a lie, live a lie, live a lie And you take your time And you do your crime Well you made your bed I’m in mine (Chorus) Because when I arive I bring the fire Make you come alive I can take you higher What is this, forgot? I must now remind you Let It Rock Let It Rock Let It Rock (Verse 2: Kevin Rudolph) Now the son’s discrased He, who knew his father When he cursed his name Turned, and chased the dollar But it broke his heart So he stuck his middle finger To the world To the world To the world And you take your time And you stand in line Well you’ll get what’s yours I got mine (Chorus…) (Verse 3: Lil Wayne) Yeah! Wayne’s world Planet Rock Panties drop And the tops And she gunna rock ’til the camera stop And I sing about angels like angelock-? And pay m-? A-? A-? A-? ? Im in here up like b***h what’s up Mechanic, me, I can fix you up I can f**k you up I can f**k you down Shorty we can go wherever just pick a town And the jewelry is louder than an A-? Big xxx rocks like off the ground -? (Chorus) (x2) Just Let It Rock Let It Rock Let It Rock Let It Rock Let It Rock (Lil Wayne) Im back like I forgot somethin Im somethin -? Rock rubbin’ rap runnin’ Miles like I’m trying to get a fat stomach Like Wayne the personal trainer My aim is perfect I’ll bang ya Period, Like the remainder (Kevin Rudolph) I wish I could be