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Unexpect (often capitalized uneXpect, unexpecT, UnexpecT) is an avant-garde extreme metal band from Montreal, Canada with an amalgamation of different styles of music, including black metal, death metal, progressive metal, melodic heavy metal, European Classical music, opera, medieval music, gypsy music, electro, ambient, noise, circus music, and jazz.

The band’s debut album, Utopia, was independently released. The band only had word of mouth and the Internet to market the work. With unorthodox distribution and online support, the album sold successfully.

Line-up and albums

From its beginnings in 1996, the band saw its share of line-up changes, as only three members of this period are still in the band: Artagoth, SyriaK and Exod (who was drummer at that time and went under the moniker of Lunorin). Unexpect then recorded a full-length album entitled Utopia in 1998 which was released in 1999. This first offering was critically acclaimed by many countries around the world with no distribution whatsoever and with the internet as its only support. A new era began for the band with the release of a new EP entitled wE, Invaders in November 2003. This EP, released on the label Galy Records in America, caused quite a positive stir with the critics and introduced their will to create something different from the usual. They are now signed on the eclectic label The End Records and the band’s second album In a Flesh Aquarium was released on August 22, 2006 in North America. ChaotH introduced his trademark 9-stringed bass during a Galy Records show on June 4, 2005.

[edit] Tours

In 2006, Unexpect finished their Canadian and U.S. tour with Augury, with some dates also playing with such bands as The Gathering and Giant Squid. They have also played with bands like Sodom, Finntroll, Kataklysm, and Green Carnation. They were also supposed to open for the famous Swedish blackened death metal band Dissection during their last U.S. tour at B. B. King’s club in New York City, but the show was cancelled due to Dissection’s inability to obtain entrance into the country. Unexpect played September 3rd at the Emerging Music Festival in Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi-Témiscamingue. More recently, the band has opened up for power metal act Sonata Arctica and death metal act Nile