Burningman 2007 Time-Lapse

Time Lapse Video of the 2007 Burning Man festival as viewed from the Block Rock Solar “Powertainer”. Be sure and check out the Sequel video at: www.youtube.com Interesting note: You can actually see the Crude Awakening Oil Derrick go up even though it’s about 3/4 mile away! There is a brilliant flash that illuminates the scene. Here is a high resolution still: mindfart.com Background: I was originally asked by Tom Price to do this timelapse, and I thought it was an awesome idea. It’s been done before by the Folding-Time guys, but they didn’t set up this year. The images were captured by a Canon G3 mounted in a weatherproof housing of my own design up on a 20 foot pole next to the Powertainer. There were 18486 images shot at 2272×1704 which is almost 4 megapixels each. Some of the full-size stills are stunning! The camera was controlled by a custom Daemon I wrote using the Gphoto library, which ran on the Powertainer’s Slackware linux system and the images were stored full-size on a hard drive. After the event, I ran another piece of code that downsampled the images to 640×480 then composed them at 30fps into a MPEG-4 video. My friend Tom Sepe added the Music and Titles for me and Voila! I hope to make a more portable rig for future use incorporating an embedded linux system and flash memory. Contact me for more information, to hire me for interesting geekery, or just to geek out. =)