Lufia 2 – Boss Battle Theme (Metal cover)

Reupload from my old channel. “Well, I was surfing YouTube after posting my Phoenix Wright video and saw a YouTuber called ‘FamilyJules7X’ who does these insane video game music covers. And on his channel he posted a tutorial, so I thought i’d try to follow it and see what came out of it. Though this video just turned out like all my other ones =D – ‘Follow main theme of song and improv a solo’. Oh well, I picked up a couple of neat mixing tricks so its cool. For the rhythm guitar, I recorded it three times, one to the left and right. Then the track in the middle, I played the power chords an octave higher and kept it reasonably low in the mix. Seemed to make it more crunchy, but more fuzzy too ='(. ” Guitar – Ibanez PGM301 Strings – Native Instruments Kontakt Songs Lufia 2 – Boss Theme

Metal Gear Saga Violin (Metal Gear Solid 4 Theme)

Hi everyone! Here is my version of Metal Gear Saga from Metal Gear Solid 4. I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching! facebook PS I finally have some more time to get on my YouTube, so if you have sent me a message and didn’t get a response I truly apologize for being unable to respond but please feel free to resend your message and I will do my best to respond this time!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

RAMIN DJAWADI – GAME OF THRONES theme metal guitar cover Mr. X 661

As the title says… My metal guitar cover of one of the greatest HBO series ever, composed by Ramin Djawadi. Arranged, performed and recorded by Igor Mrkic aka Mr. X 661 LISTEN IN HD!! :)) Recorded with Guitar Rig 4, Fl Studio, Audacity and Toontrack Drumkit from Hell, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 Thank You for Watching! 🙂