Dream Theater – Beyond This Life

My personal favorite from the album “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory”. Scene Four: Beyond This Life We learn the newspaper account of what happened in 1928. The story is that an anonymous witness heard a horrifying sound and upon reaching the scene of the sound discovered a woman who’d been shot dead, and the shooter standing over her. The witness tried to help, but the man shot himself next. The newspaper account talks of a sad close to a broken love affair. This indicates that the victim and the murderer are identified as previous or maybe even current lovers. The paper goes on to explain that Victoria and her lover had recently broken up due to his decadent lifestyle; it’s later suggested that gambling and/or drug addiction might be of significance. Julian later drops a liquor bottle in scene 9, so it’s possible his habit was drinking. It’s also indicated that Victoria would have taken him back if he’d straighten up his lifestyle. The article speculates that the murder may have been premeditated. Next we read an account of the physical evidence at the scene. There is evidence of a ‘violent struggle’ and a switchblade is found. The switchblade causes some confusion, because the victim is a young girl and typically you wouldn’t expect a young girl in 1928 to be carrying a switchblade, unless she was anticipating a need to defend herself. Also found, in the killer’s pocket, is a written note. It clearly reads that Victoria’s lover would rather take his own life
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Dream Theater – Far From Heaven (JOKE Vocal Cover By Vinnie)

This video is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringment intended as Dream Theater and Roadrunner own the rights to the original song. I will NOT benefit in any monetary way from this cover. Hi. I am Vinnie. Here is a cover of Dream Theater’s new ballad called “Far From Heaven”. It is cool. I do all the “music” (mostly piano). LadyElise666 handles the lead vocals. TickleMeTersh hath graced us with the picture. Good? This is dreamy…
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BTGtT – Dream Theater | Düsseldorf | 2007-10-07

BTGtT – Dream Theater | Düsseldorf | 2007-10-07
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Image by jochenWolters
I don’t go to hard rock concerts all that often, but when you have a chance to see one of the best metal bands in the world — in terms of both music and craftsmanship — live on stage, you just have to go see ’em. And, man, was it spectacular!

Rightfully considered the masters of prog rock, the instrumental performances by Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, and John Myung were awe-inspiring. Add to that James LaBrie’s charactestic, somewhat eerie vocals, and you just can’t help getting into that headbanging mood. 😉

Obviously, I was most interested in Rudess’s performance on the Korg Oasys and the Haken Continuum, which were both fitted with cameras (as were Portnoy’s drum kit and Petrucci’s guitar) so you could follow their live playing on a big screen above the stage. That screen was also used for showing a few song-accompanying movies and video animations, but the close-ups of the musical performances were so much more impressive.

It was one of those super-fast unison riffs by Jordan and John that made one of my buddies wonder about Jordan: "What drugs is he on?!?!"

I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed this performance, but let’s be honest: as much as you’d like, trying to bring across the awesome experience of a great live concert (more than three hours of music between Symphony X, the opener, and DT, by the way!) by writing about it is almost impossible. So I’ll stop right here and suggest you go visit a concert yourself soon if you haven’t done so in a while.