MikelWJ Music – That’s War – Official Music Video (ORIGINAL SONG)

Download my first album on iTunes at this link! itunes.apple.com Add my facebook page: www.facebook.com MikelWJ’s new music video for his song “That’s War”. this song is based off of the perspectives of two different soldiers during World War 1 (WWI). Download link: www.mediafire.com This music video was shot on a Canon EOS 7D and edited in Final Cut Express Video filmed and edited by Cody Powers: www.youtube.com Lyrics below: I remember seeing a poster, a paper of propaganda. It said war was heroic and something that we could handle. So I signed up for my country, the stars and the stripes. Soon I left my house, my kids, my friends and wife. This isn’t what I expected at all I guess you could say. Most times, sleepless nights followed by bombs in the day. It’s hard to take when you see all of your friends die In the trenches right next to the place where you lie! Our leader gives us the order; it’s time we charge the line. No one wants to go first since we know that it means dying. We start to run across no-man’s land with heads down. Bullets fly by, followed by the sound of mortar rounds. By the time we reach the other side, half of us are dead. Jump into their trench, fist to fist and gun to head. At that point I saw a German soldier, looked barely twenty one. I killed him cold blooded; the evil deed had been done… It’s sad how the world thinks that it’s all okay… It’s sad how I don’t know if I’ll live another day. On the front lines of war you can never be sure

Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun “That’s Hard” feat. Sean Price & Styles P

Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun latest visual for “That’s Hard” featuring Sean Price and Styles P. Directed By Court Dunn, in association with Restless Films x Nah Right’s ‘One Shot’ Series. ‘Monumental’ album is out now at major retailers (Best Buy, FYE), Independent, Mom & Pop stores, and more. Purchase via Amazon Digital: amzn.to Purchase via iTunes: bit.ly Fans in the New York Tri-State, join Smif N Wessun for a FREE album release party, performance & photography exhibition TONIGHT at Tammany Hall located at 152 Orchard Street btwn Rivington & Stanton. Doors at 7PM. Music by Da Beatminerz (DJ Evil Dee, Mr. Walt, DJ Goldfinger, DJ Wayne Ski. Hosted by DJ Bazarro. For more info visit: bit.ly
Video Rating: 4 / 5