Rose Tattoo – Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw (1978)

Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1978: Rose Tattoo’s promo-video for the hit single ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw’ taken from the 1978 album ‘Rose Tattoo’. Note: This song was originally written and performed by both Angry Anderson and Billy Miller during their days in Buster Brown. After Buster Brown’s split in 1975, Billy moved on the form Ferrets (‘Don’t Fall In Love’ fame), whilst Angry moved on to form Rose Tattoo. He took this song with him. Sorry Angry – but one must give credit to where credit is due. Band Origin: Sydney, NSW, Australia Track: Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw Album: Rose Tattoo Composed By: Bill Miller / Angry Anderson Produced By: Harry Vanda and George Young [ Easybeats – Flash & The Pan ] Label: Albert Productions Chart Position: # 68 (Australia) Release Date: Links: – – Line-up: Angry Anderson – Vocals [ Buster Brown (1973-1976) — Rose Tattoo (1976-1987) — solo (1987-1992) — Rose Tattoo reformed (1992-present) ] Pete Wells — Slide Guitar [ The Odd Colours — Strange Brew — The Capitol Show Band — Head (1968-1971) — Buffalo (1971-1976) — Rose Tattoo (1976-1983) ] Mick Cocks — Guitar [ Rose Tattoo (1976-1983) — Heaven — Doomfoxx — Pete Wells Heart Attack — Ted Mulry Gang ] Dallas “Digger” Royall — Drums [ Buster Brown — Rose Tattoo (1976-1983) ] Geordie Leach — Bass ———————————– NZOZ NZOZ1978 1978 Australia Late Seventies 1970’s 1970s 70’s 70s Extended Tags: Angry Anderson
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Ashley’s 18th Birthday Time Lapse Tattoo Video.

My daughter Ashley had her 18th birthday in December. Keeping with the newest family tradition she wanted a tattoo from “Pooch” at “Altered State Tattoo”. The idea and design are hers Pooch of course made it his own. The music is by “Soulbent” which is headed by JC Dwyer. The title is “Procrasturbation Song” it goes well with this sitting. The whole tattoo process took 2.5 hours here you can watch the whole thing in 3.5 minutes, Enjoy!