Heavy Metal Mater diecast from Cars Toon Maters Tall Tales

Here are 4 new diecasts cars from the shorts Mater’s Tall Tales – Cars Toon These are 1:55 Die Cast Car from Disney Cars Toon. Each of these nicely detailed die-cast Cars look exactly like the ones in the Cars Toon Mater’s Tall Tales. A real collector’s item for any Disney Pixar fan!!! – Cannonball Mater – “Music Video Mater” also called “Heavy Metal Mater” – Padre – Mater’s Big Fan Mater the Greater Mater is a daredevil and dresses in a style resembling that of Evel Knievel. In a stadium, Mater attempts to jump a long line of cars, but instead merely tiptoes over them. He performs other stunts, and later claims Lightning McQueen failed to jump over Carburetor Canyon while strapped to a rocket. El Materdor Mater is a matador fighting a herd of bulldozers in Spain. When Lightning McQueen enters the story, the bulldozers chase after him due to his red paint job. Heavy Metal Mater Mater is a rock star in a heavy metal band. He starts out in a garage band and rises to the top with his hit song, “Dad Gum.”, a song based on the line Mater is famous for. Lightning McQueen joins him on stage in the middle of a huge concert and they rock into history. Mater’s Tall Tales (A Cars Toon) is an American animated short television series by Pixar featuring the characters Mater and Lightning McQueen from the film Cars. The episodes currently air on ABC Kids and Disney Junior and formerly on Toon Disney, Disney Channel, and Disney XD. All of the Cars Toons follow the same tall tale formula
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The Best New Rock Band Suffers Tall Poppy Syndrome

Ever heard of the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’?

Basically, it is slang for the tendency to criticize highly successful people (i.e tall poppies), and ‘cut them down’.

New Zealand has a terrible case of tall poppy syndrome with people constantly being knocked down, simply for letting themselves shine. People are criticized by their peers for merely striving to achieve the best, yet society wonders why a lot of young people settle for mere mediocrity in their chosen field.

I manage a band who I would have to call the best new rock band here in New Zealand, and in December last year, I sent a copy of this band’s album to a VIP in the New Zealand music industry. He absolutely loved it and he met with myself and Shayne to have a chat. He wisely advised us to watch out for ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ here in New Zealand. At the time I didn’t greatly understand that point he made, but I took the advice on board anyway.

I guess the main point here is that when you have something good, something that has the potential to be very successful – you have to watch out. There are people that will try and cut you down (generally those that are in the same industry, i.e in this case – the local struggling musician circle), that don’t want to see you succeed – because it shows that they are not as good.

When that happens, you need to be at your strongest. Don’t let it get to you – recognize it for what it is – jealousy. Let it be your motivator. That is exactly how I am now. I have a point to prove, but not only that – I know that this band is that good (check them out here). I’m not biased – but I do know what it takes to ‘make it’ and it’s also proven from the email, comments and response we receive from the general public (over 800,000 views on YouTube). We also have the support from very prominent NZ music figure, Ray Columbus. Whatever happens, stay strong, keep focused on your goals, keep your live show polished and finally – keep writing great songs so that you can be the best new rock band!

Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer – you will see that in this case, there are people that have gone to great lengths to try and bring this band down……

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

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