Symphonic, Gothic & Melodic Metal Bands

this is my first video on youtube so i hope you enjoy it! i would like: recommendations of other bands i might like your opinion on my video your own top10 (if you want) many comments! =D this was my top 10 a long time ago when I was just enetring the metal world. Right now my top10 would definitely include Tristania and Theatre Of Tragedy 🙂

Symphonic Power Metal Bands #3

Alestorm – Nancy The Tavern Wench Apocalpytica – Path Aquaria – Your Majesty Gaia Derdian – Why Dreamtale – Where The Rainbow Ends Firewind – Warrior Kamelot – Wander Luca Turilli – Ancient Forest Of Elves Lunatica – Fable Of Dreams Rhapsody Of Fire – Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream Pagan’s Mind – United Alliance Symphony X – Set The World On Fire While Heaven Wept – Sorrow Of The Angels
Video Rating: 4 / 5