Ice Strykewyrm Quick Guide/info – Runescape

Runescape Ice Strykewyrm Play Games – Weekly RS Events – http A quick guide/info vid for the new slayer monsters, Ice Strykewyrms. I didn’t wanna go into too much detail because most people with 93+ slayer should already know the rest. So I just made a quick guide covering some of the basic stuff unique to them. Should hopefully help anyone that is stuck, and give other people that can’t see/kill them a bit of info about them. I love these, very nice slayer update, always fun when some rewarding high level creatures first come out 😛 If you don’t have 93 slayer, or haven’t killed these yet I’d strongly recommend doing it, they seem to be very rewarding to kill, and if the staff continues to rise they will just get better. ——— -Information about the Ice Strykewyrms- Combat level: 210 Hitpoints: 300 Slayer Requirement: 93 Max Hit: 30 (burrow special, otherwise it’s 17 for normal attacks) No. of charms dropped: 1 Aggressive: No Multi-combat: No Required Item: Fire Cape ———- -Music- Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah You can play Runescape at
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