Top 10 Most Perfect Trance songs

Rank 1 – LED There Be Light The one and only Trance Energy Theme from this year and also the best TE theme there has ever been. Evil Angel ft. Kim Marsh – Today (Alphazone Dub Mix) Amazing piece of progressive hard trance, fast and smooth. Solarforce – Kaleidoscope One of the favorites by TranceDevotee. Best piece of progressive trance I ever heard. Dream Dance Alliance – Ayers Rock Another wonderful song by DDA. Dream Trance at it’s best! Lee Haslam – The Future Another favorite from TranceDevotee. Outstanding melodic hard trance. Dj Merlin & Dj C-Bass – Trancemission Banging hard club trance anthem! Cosmic Gate – Conscienceness This dope psytrance track proves Cosmic Gate can handle anything. Technikal – Terminal Velocity Best beat ever, sick melody! Hard trance by Technikal the way we love. Wavetraxx – A New Day Wonderful melodic progressive trance, I love the melody!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


I hope you find it good, and I also hope that you will recognize the songs! If not here they are, in their order of appearance: 00:00 – Circle of Life (The Lion King) 01:30 – A Whole New World (Aladdin) 02:07 – The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book) 02:23 – The Aristocats (The Aristocats) 02:31 – Whistle Stop (Robin Hood) 02:39 – Heigh-Ho (Snow White) 02:55 – Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King) 03:11 – Reflection (Mulan) 03:35 – On My Way (Brother Bear) 03:51 – Zero to Hero (Hercules) 04:06 – Bella Notte (Lady and the Tramp) 04:23 – Be a man (Mulan) 04:50 – Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas) 05:14 – Hakuna Matata (The Lion King) 05:31 – Higitus Figitus (Merlin) 05:39 – Colours of the Wind, encore (Pocahontas) 06:18 – Circle of Life, encore (The Lion King) Little cheat : some guitars (approx 5%) are played by my friend Prominy or accelerated (technical parts or artificial harmonics for instance) so hope it works well though.

Justin Bieber – Mistletoe (PARODY) Too Early for Xmas Songs

Thanks for rating! Watch the original Justin Bieber video here: Justin Bieber – Mistletoe Official Music Video Parody Justin Bieber – Mistletoe Official Music Video Parody Justin Bieber – Mistletoe Justin Bieber – Mistletoe

☠ Best Death Metal Songs PT.1 ☠ (HD video clip 2011)

▶ Created by Ⓒ’Where Death Is Most Alive’™ (2011) ▶ BANDS – SONGS CEREMONIAL OATH – “Immortalized” (Sweden, ‘Carpet’, 1995) AT THE GATES – “Slaughter Of The Soul” (Sweden, ‘Slaughter of the Soul’, 1995) AMON AMARTH – “Valhall Awaits Me” (Sweden, ‘With Oden on Our Side’, 2006) HYPOCRISY – “Roswell ’47” (Sweden, ‘Abducted’, 1996) OPETH – “Porcelain Heart” (Sweden, ‘Watershed’, 2008) INSOMNIUM – “Down With The Sun” (Finland, ‘Across the Dark’, 2009) DESCENDING – “Your Valentine” (Greece, ‘Enter Annihilation’, 2008) AMORPHIS – “The White Swan” (Finland, ‘Silent Waters’, 2007) DARK TRANQUILLITY – “Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)” (Sweden, ‘Fiction’, 2007) IN FLAMES – “Moonshield” (Sweden, ‘The Jester Race’, 1996) ▶ Best Death Metal Songs PT.1 (In My Opinion) ▶ HD quality sound clip (Top 10)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Fania Salsa (2 Hard Songs) – Willie Colon

1 – Tinguilikitin 2 – Si La Ves (Instrumental, 2009 Released) William Anthony Colón (born 28 April 1950) is a Nuyorican salsa musician. Primarily a trombonist, Colón also sings, writes, produces and acts. He is also involved in municipal politics in New York City. Willie Colón was born in the South Bronx, New York, to Nuyorican parents. He picked up the trumpet from a young age, and later switched to trombone, inspired by the all-trombone sound of Mon Rivera and Barry Rogers. He spent some summers at his maternal grandmother’s sisters’s (La finca de Celín y Ramón farm in in the outskirts of Manatí, Puerto Rico on the road to neighboring Ciales, Puerto Rico.[1] He was signed to Fania Records at 15 and recorded his first album at age 17, which ultimately sold more than 300000 copies. Due to fortuitous events, the main record producer at Fania at the time, Johnny Pacheco, recommended Héctor Lavoe to him.[2] Mr. Colón has been a civil rights, community and political activist since the age of 16. He has served as a member of the Latino Commission on AIDS [3] and the United Nations Immigrant Foundation, President of the Arthur Schomburg Coalition for a Better New York, member of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.[4] In 1995, Mr. Colon became the first minority to serve on the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) national board and is now a member of the ASCAP FOUNDATION.[5][6] Beyond the trombone, he has also worked

Spin Drop (Garen’s Anthem) [Songs of the Summoned]

***If you enjoyed Spin Drop and Stand Alone check out out latest entry to the Songs of the Summoned 2 contest! The Demacian Battle Hymn: The new single from DJ 3.LO Notorious MIA Records Album, Going Commando Region, NA Download Link: Song Credits, Vocals: Heavia Lyrics: Gregen, Jitterz Beats: FaeOberon Mastering: Daltair Art used with permission from Massive Pwnage Lyrics Lock in your characters and let me explain The tale of a man who’s caused so much pain Demacia is the place he was raised If you listen to me you’ll be quite amazed To learn why he’s the king of the Rift The enemy, they’re all scared stiff The heart of a team on mid lane pushes The reason your foes stay out of the bushes. The heat of a battle, Garen appears Down the top lane runs a river of tears A beacon of light, watch his enemies run On his back eighteen cloaks of the sun The lane seems clear but it’s hard to say Is he in the bushes, is he MIA? It’s team fight time, he’ll lead the charge His scarf is long his sword is large. Chorus, Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, you just can’t stop Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, whether you like it or not Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, you just can’t stop Spin drop spin drop Demacia’s coming, whether you like it or not Some summoners say have made the claim That my boy Garen’s got too much game When he hits the field they can’t win If the G-Man’s there to take them for a spin They say he