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video clip Ft. 360 And Hailey Cramer Lyrics: alright its that time of the year youve been waiting for for months now saving up your pay trying to figure all your funds out its kinda funny when you think of all the fun how, its taken this long to shake last years come down forget the past, as soon as december starts grab your parents credit card and hope you dont get in last yeah coz if you let it pass, these days a week late can mean paying triple when you bpay off ebay (true) its hard to figure out what tickets you want, should it be falls festival or pyramid rock well for me, i really dont care coz i dont listen to rock or hip hop i just wear earplugs and sit there and watch if your favorite bands there youll think youll never forget youll probably get that wasted you wont remember there set but if your a festival head then you already no the plan go and pack up all your shit coz your going on a trip for those summer days summer days Ohh summer days summer days summer days now when you finally make it there from driving up with your crew you better get your mind set on finding something to do coz youll be stuck there lining up in the queue moving bumper to bumper until your ass hurts, all to get your car searched and if your alcohol your stressing coz you need it bad stashing bottles of vodka up in your sleeping bag maybe get a spare tire with a heap of cans it doesnt matter everybody has there secret plan once your crew start picking your spot unpacking realise all the
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During the gig Paul McCartney dedicated a song to ‘John, George Linda and all the lovely people’

During the gig Paul McCartney dedicated a song to ‘John, George Linda and all the lovely people’
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Last updated at 12:16pm on 8th June 2007

Sir Paul McCartney played his most intimate gig in years for an audience of just 1,000 fans – which included daughter Stella and her pal Kate Moss.

The Beatles legend is more used to playing huge stadiums and once performed before a crowd of 500,000 at the Colosseum in Rome.

But he went back to basics with yesterday’s show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, north London, to celebrate the release of his new album, Memory Almost Full.

The secret gig was only announced yesterday morning and tickets were given away free on a first come, first served basis.

Fans queued around the block and tickets sold out in just 13 minutes.

A host of celebrities also turned out for the one-off show including supermodel Kate Moss, Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, The Office star Mackenzie Crook, pop singer Gareth Gates and Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri.

During the gig Paul McCartney dedicated a song to ‘John, George Linda and all the lovely people’
Crook appears with Hollywood actress Natalie Portman in the video for the star’s latest single, Dance Tonight.

Moss sang away to Hey Jude from the venue’s balcony, where she watched the show in the company of the star’s daughters, Stella and Mary.

Sir Paul played a 90-minute set packed with Beatles hits and songs from his new album.

Barbara Orbison and Olivia Harrison joined the high profile crowd
He kicked off with Drive My Car and ended with Hey Jude before returning for an encore of Let It Be, Lady Madonna and I Saw Her Standing There.

In between he played the likes of Blackbird, Back In The USSR, The Long And Winding Road and Wings favourite C Moon.

He was joined on stage by his four-piece band. "It’s a little while since I played a gig like this," he told the audience to huge cheers.

Sir Paul looked delighted to be back on stage before the adoring crowd and made no reference to his ongoing divorce battle with Heather Mills.

Memory Almost Full is the star’s 21st studio album and was released on Monday on the newly launched Starbucks record label, Hear Music.

Fans spotted that the title was an anagram of For My Soulmate LLM – the initials of his late wife, Linda Louise McCartney – although McCartney himself has not commented.

There was a poignant moment during the gig when Sir Paul sang Here Today, which he wrote for John Lennon.

"This one was written for John. I would like to dedicate this song to all our fallen heroes – John, George, Linda and all the lovely people," he said. "Let’s hear it for them."

After performing the acoustic song, he said: "It’s a difficult song to sing, that one. We love ’em."

The sound was perfect, the band were supertight and Paul McCartney’s voice was as rich as ever, writes reviewer John Aizlewood.

"It’s been a while since we played a gig this size," said Sir Paul McCartney, surveying the Electric Ballroom – the venue his band Wings used as a rehearsal space in the Seventies. "We ought to do more."

If last night is any yardstick, they should do more of these intimate shows. The "secret" gig (if being announced on national radio and across the internet means "secret") was the hottest free ticket of the year and no wonder.

An audience including McCartney’s daughters Mary and Stella, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Texas’s Sharleen Spiteri, former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, George Harrison’s widow Olivia and, with weary inevitability, Kate Moss, could scarcely believe their luck: a live Beatle playing some of the songs that form the very DNA of popular music in a venue holding fewer than 1,000 people.

This being McCartney, nothing was left to chance in his first British date with a band since Glastonbury 2004: the sound was perfect, the band were supertight and his voice was as rich as ever, even when exposed on the solo, acoustic Here Today, plucked from 1982’s Tug Of War.

The man who will be a pensioner in 10 days was in remarkably cheery fettle over his 90 minutes.

There was no talk of divorce and no mention of Heather Mills. Instead, his thumbs were held aloft, he shouted "calm down, calm down" in his best Scouse and he found his joke about "Camp Den" (an imaginary, "artistic" type whom McCartney pretended Camden was named after) so funny that he repeated it.

Despite mostly ignoring Wings (although C Moon was received like a longlost grandparent), McCartney was in a musically expansive mood.

He introduced five songs from his new album, Memory Almost Full (it seems safe to assume the "you can come on to my place if you want" line on Dance Tonight was not meant to be taken literally), but he went further back than The Beatles, covering Carl Perkins’s classic Matchbox, as did the Fab Four in their pre-fame, Hamburg days.

The most moving moment came with Here Today. Stark, beautiful and originally a tribute to fellow former Beatle John Lennon, it also now marks the passing of "fallen heroes" Linda McCartney and George Harrison.

"That was," he sighed, "a difficult song to sing." Yet the sombre tone was isolated and the Beatles canon was raided in celebratory fashion.

Back In The USSR, Get Back and Lady Madonna were hard-rocking; Let It Be almost hymnal; and best of all, Hey Jude, which ended the set and restarted for the encore, was a spine-tingling burst of community singing as the audience na na na’d like they had never na na na’d before.

An evening as special as it should have been.

Full Set List • Drive My Car
• Only Mama Knows
• Dance Tonight
• C Moon
• The Long And Winding Road
• Follow The Sun
• Calico Skies
• That Was Me
• Blackbird
• Here Today
• Back In The USSR
• Nod Your Head
• House Of Wax
• I Got A Feeling
• Matchbox
• Get Back
• Hey Jude
• Let It Be
• Lady Madonna
• I Saw Her Standing There

MikelWJ Music – That’s War – Official Music Video (ORIGINAL SONG)

Download my first album on iTunes at this link! Add my facebook page: MikelWJ’s new music video for his song “That’s War”. this song is based off of the perspectives of two different soldiers during World War 1 (WWI). Download link: This music video was shot on a Canon EOS 7D and edited in Final Cut Express Video filmed and edited by Cody Powers: Lyrics below: I remember seeing a poster, a paper of propaganda. It said war was heroic and something that we could handle. So I signed up for my country, the stars and the stripes. Soon I left my house, my kids, my friends and wife. This isn’t what I expected at all I guess you could say. Most times, sleepless nights followed by bombs in the day. It’s hard to take when you see all of your friends die In the trenches right next to the place where you lie! Our leader gives us the order; it’s time we charge the line. No one wants to go first since we know that it means dying. We start to run across no-man’s land with heads down. Bullets fly by, followed by the sound of mortar rounds. By the time we reach the other side, half of us are dead. Jump into their trench, fist to fist and gun to head. At that point I saw a German soldier, looked barely twenty one. I killed him cold blooded; the evil deed had been done… It’s sad how the world thinks that it’s all okay… It’s sad how I don’t know if I’ll live another day. On the front lines of war you can never be sure

Live in Paris Roger Hodgson performing his song Don’t Leave Me Now

Formerly of Supertramp Roger Hodgson was the Headliner performing to a crowd of over 80000 Live from Paris at La Fete de LHumanite Sept 13, 2008. Roger Hodgson is the voice of Supertramp. It is to him that we owe most of the compositions from the repertoire of Supertramp, which appears today. When Roger Hodgson sings, after two songs, everyone is standing!Roger is on tour and shows are selling out. Go to his tour page to see his latest concert schedule: Roger takes his audience on a journey and it’s a fun one. Can you do something out of this world? Yes, attend a concert with Roger, and experience great music that touches our hearts. Be sure to check out Roger’s Classics Live at Here’s some great links for more information: Facebook – Twitter – MySpace – Supertamp Songwriters – Roger also performs songs from his Open the Door and In the Eye of the Storm albums like In Jeopardy, Lovers in the Wind, Only Because of You, The More I Look, Love is a 1000 Times and many more You can only get these solo albums at the Roger Hodgson Store . So buy directly from the artist and get his autographed CD’s. Go to
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RubenMo3 – Threatened by the Devil (Original song)

FaceBook: Twitter: Me playing my original song ‘Threatened by the Devil’. Im NOT good at playing drums, but hopefully i will be better! Soo, yeah… Hope you like this metal song! 🙂 Software: GarageBand Check out my other videos:

The Daily Songer – Asteroid Hits Earth and Moon?! (Song #22)

LIKE Favorite, thumbs up! It helps me a lot! The Daily Songer #22 I thought that this was the end of the daily songer. But then my son had an idea so we went with it. I mentioned that the asteroid 2005 YU55 will have its near miss tomorrow. He made up the rap and I made the music. So I was more like the producer today. Here’s the article Asteroid Hits Earth and Moon By Dan Tulloh and Neil T. © 2011 Lyrics Uh huh I’m an asteroid Yo I’ll be crashing in the moon If you don’t reverse me I’ll be hitting earth soon Asteroids are made of metal and rock But I’ll be making sweat music like JS Bach Crashing into stuff is just what I do Now you better watch out or I’ll come for you Yo Neil T. in the house Yeah I’m out Peace License information Asteroid Image Source: The Social Links: • YouTube ‪ • Twitter ‪ • Facebook ‪ • Google Plus • Dailybooth ‪
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Evile Play Own Song ‘Thrasher’ On Rock Band Game

At 3:25 into this video you can watch Evile Thrash out to their own song ‘Thrasher’ which is recognised as probably the hardest to play of all the songs on Rock Band. The track features as a downloadable content track on the MTV Harmonix hit game ROCK BAND. Hear their thoughts on the game and watch them nail a pretty good score as they play along. Best viewed full screen and high res to see the scores on inset screen. Watch all the way through to see Eviles high score. CAN YOU BEAT THHE BANDS HIGH SCORE!?!?!? The track is available to download at: (Week 18 Earache Thrash Pack)
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Flo Rida ft Sia – WILD ONES [2012] OFFICIAL | DOWNLOAD + Lyrics NEW SONG

MP3 Download: Much fun! [Sia – Hook] Hey I heard you were a wild one Oooh If I took you home It’d be a home run Show me how you’ll do I want to shut down the club With you Hey I heard you like the wild ones Oooh [Flo Rida] I like crazy, foolish, stupid Party…

Lordi NEW SONG – This is Heavy Metal – LIVE at Gods of Metal 2010

Lordi playing “This is Heavy Metal” in Turin (26/6/10), a new song from the upcoming album “Babez From Breakfast”. This was the first time they played a song not yet released, we were really lucky 😉 I Lordi che suonano “This is Heavy Metal” a Torino (26/6/10), una nuova canzone tratta dall’album che uscirà prossimamente intitolato “Babez From Breakfast”. E’ stata la prima volta che la band ha suonato una canzone che ancora doveva essere rilasciata, possiamo ritenerci molto fortunati ad averla vista 😉
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