E-40 talks Too Short, Independent Hustle, Rich vs Wealthy, New Album

www.hardknock.tv Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sat down with the ambassador of the Bay E-40. The interview starts out with E-40 speaking on longevity and giving advice to all the MC Fly By Nights to remain HUNGRY and HUMBLE! “All the MC fly-by-nights gotta understand that if you do catch a hot song and you blossom, you must remain hungry and humble,” he said. “Key words, words to live by. You must remain hungry and humble, so you stay hungry, you gotta stay on the gas pedal. You gotta stay all gas, no brake pads. And you gotta stay humble. You can’t get bigheaded, start burning bridges, start high-siding on people that helped you get to where you at. That’s how I’ve always paced myself, and I love everybody who helped me, I remember everything. I’m just grateful, because I’m before rap.” After a snippet of 40water performing Yay Area Nick ask 40 if he thinks the Bay Area including Too-Short, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends and himself get their due props from laying down the blueprint for moving units independently. “You know, some of the people who take a page out of our book – I’ma keep it 1000 – never really spoke on it, but real cats out there know that the Bay specializes in independent music, doing it themselves, selling tapes out of the trunk of their cars,” he continued. “But I don’t hold no grudges against nobody. Certain people went further. I’m not a griper. I been living a great life and I’ve been doing my thing. My name is carved in the history books. But we