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“In A Darkened Room” by Skid Row purchase on iTunes: Album: Slave To The Grind Year: 1991 Label: Atlantic Records This official music video is copyright 1991 Atlantic Records. I do not claim ownership to this video or song. Vocals: Sebastian Bach Guitar: Scotti Hill Guitar: Dave Sabo Bass: Rachel Bolan Drums: Rob Affuso The lyrics [Bolan, Snake, Bach] are posted below: In a darkened room Beyond the reach of God’s faith Lies the wounded, the shattered remains of love betrayed And the innocense of a child is bought and sold In the name of the damned The rage of the angels left silent and cold Forgive me please for I know not what I do How can I keep inside the hurt I know is true Tell me when the kiss of love becomes a lie That bears the scar of sin too deep To hide behind this fear of running unto you Please let there be light In a darkened room All the precious times have been put to rest again And the smile of the dawn Brings tainted lust singing my requiem Can I face the day when I’m tortured in my trust And watch it crystalize While my salvation crumples to dust Why can’t I steer the ship before it hits the storm I’ve fallen to the sea but still I swim for shore Tell me when the kiss of love becomes a lie That bears the scar of sin too deep To hide behind this fear of running unto you Please let there be light In a darkened room

Kino Der Toten: Find That Train – Speed Cola Room – Part 1

This will be series where I will attempt to run a train in every room, and in every map while being on a high round. Twitter: Facebook: Click here to watch round 105 on Moon! Music: “Metal Show” by Depard
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Music Room Ideas

All people love music. Good music soothes the soul, calms the heart, and fills the ears. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a world without music.

If you are a musician, a recording artist, a member of a band, a businessman engaged in the music industry, or merely a music lover, it would be a cool to have a music room in your house. This could be a spare room, a cozy corner, or even a specifically constructed room where you could practice your musical skills, hang out and practice with the band, or just relax and unwind while listening to the soft strums of a guitar.

If you are planning to have a music room, here are some ideas to make it more conducive to its purpose.

1. A music room is usually a place for relaxation. Therefore, you should put chairs, tables, or couches for people to relax while listening. Even a single very comfortable chair, a recliner, or a love seat would suffice.

2. Preferably, your music room should have an outside view, and that outside view should be a pleasant one. For example, through your music room’s window, you may see the city skyline, a garden, or the beachfront.

3. Add some wall decors. For instance, musical metal wall art of your choice may be metal notes that are cut or photo-etched from sheet metal or brass. You may also want to put posters of your favorite singers or musical groups. Do not just stick the posters on the wall; it is usually better to frame it.

4. You can also add other decorations such as lava lamps, flowers, and plants. Lamp shades and blooms usually brighten up any room, and it would be very good to have one in your music room. Choose blooms and light accessories with bright colors. Just make sure that vases and lampshades and such do not stand in the way; a swing of a guitar or the thrusting of a violin bow can knock them off from their perch.

5. The way you arrange the furniture in your music room plays a big part of its composition. For example, if you are using your music room as a place where you can sit and relax while you are playing your guitar, then avoid clutter and put your recliner or seat near a window. If you are using the room as a practice venue, place all large instruments, amplifiers, speakers, and other equipment against the room’s walls, leaving the center clear for you and other members to practice. In case your members are carrying portable instruments such as guitars, make sure to have enough space to swing the instruments around.

6. Aside from music metal wall art, sculptures, and posters, you can also use your own instruments or paraphernalia as decorations-guitars, jackets, album covers, the list is endless.

7. Lighting also plays a big part in setting the mood in your music room. For example, if you are in a rock band, a red light would give your room a “dangerous” feeling, very conducive for a rock theme. However, if you are the one who likes classical or instrumental music, install pin lights and soft lighting.

Senior staff writer Alyssa Davis with Metal-Wall-Art offers many more free ideas on decorating with music metal wall art and wall hanging.

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7 Simple Steps to Create a Music Room With Music Metal Wall Art

Do you love music? Regardless of how you are involved in music, consider dedicating one room in your home, as a music room. Such a room could be an unused room in your home, or you could even construct a new one. In either case, the room will be 100% dedicated to music. In your music room, you could write music, practice it, or just listen to it. Here are some steps to help you design your music room:

1. Remember to add the proper lighting

If you want to use your music room for relaxation music, classical music, etc., then make sure that the lighting in your music room is soft. However, you should consider red lighting if you are in a rock band. Red is a color of aggression, so such lighting would match well with the nature of band.

2. Add lamps and plants

Such items will help the room to appear lighter. If you want to adhere truly to a music motif, then search for musical lampshades, such as those with music notes on them. Choose plants with bright flowers, to enhance further the artistic environment of the music room. However, make sure the lampshades and vases are clear of any mobile parts of musical instruments.


3. Add music decor

This could include items such as music metal wall art. Such art is available in a variety of forms, such as treble clefs, bass clefs, musical notes, and so on. Another option is to include musical posters, such as those of singers, bands, and concerts. The decor will add to the musical motif of the room.

4. Ensure that the music room has a window

This is important, to allow visual stimulation to complement the sweet sounds of music. Make sure that the window has a relaxing view, such as that of a garden, skyline, or beach.

5. Position furniture based on your use of the room

If you are using the music room for band practice, then place all huge equipment on the perimeter of the room, so you can practice in the center of it. Meanwhile, if you want to use the room to chill out and play your guitar or kazoo, then position a chair near the window.

6. Add your own flavor to the walls

Besides music metal wall art, add various types of personal music items to the wall. That could include album covers and guitars.

7. Include furniture that will help visitors to relax in your music room

One of the most important uses of music is to calm our minds and bodies. Create an aura of relaxation by adding furniture that will encourage such an environment. That could include chairs, couches, and tables. Whether your visitors are there for a jam session or to listen to a CD, make the seating as comfy as possible!

Making your own music room can be as easy as hanging home wall decor. Follow the aforementioned tips to make it music to your ears (and eyes)!

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