Best Dance Music 2012 – New Progressive / House / Electro January April Club Mix – TG#28

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New Best Electro House Dance Progressive ♚ Byte 46 March 2012 (HD Killer Mix)

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Resurrection Day – Blue Mammoth – Progressive rock band

Blue Mammoth is a progressive rock band. An exciting blend of prog music, hard rock and symphonic features More informations about the band: Buy CD Positive reviews Blue Mammoth is: Julian Quilodran – bass, cello, flute, backing vocals Andre Micheli – keyboards, lead vocals Thiago Meyer – drums, percussion, backing vocals Cesar Aires – guitars, backing vocals Blue Mammoth Style “A recurring question for a new band is: what bands do you resemble? For us it is hard to answer because we think we sound like ourselves. Of course we have some references in mind but we’re often surprised by some comparisons. Many listeners have noticed shades of Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Renaissance, Jethro Tull, Rush, ELP, Marillion, Pink Floyd. But surprisingly we’ve been compared to The Who, Led Zeppelin, Living Color … and we can’t deny this references cause, musically, we are everything we hear. I mean, what can we say about our sound to someone who comes to us for the first time? Listen and understand it how you want. One thing we can take for sure is that we still have the intention of making progressive rock music and make people sink into deep emotions and still have a lot of fun . Nevertheless, most of time saying that we are a progressive rock band has brought more doubts than certainties, more shadows than light. On the one hand, progressive became a so embracing denomination that no wonder
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Progressive Rock Bands That Inspired the World

Progressive rock appeared in the late 1960s when rock artists wanted to break down the barriers of radio formatted pop and rock and progress this music genre to a place where it could achieve a more sophisticated sound, similar to that of classical music or jazz. Progressive rock is very hard to define in one conclusive way and we have progressive rock bands to prove that. Some of the most important bands of the 70s that defined this rock form did not have the same sound.

Psychedelic music is believed to be the starting point of progressive rock. Some people also believe that bands like The Beatles contributed to the progressive rock movement. However, the two progressive rock bands that most people see as being the first of this new- found genre were King Crimson and Yes. These progressive rock bands appeared at the end of the 1960s and although the first band was attributed to hard progressive rock sub- genre and the second to symphonic rock, they were both catalogued as progressive rock bands, as their sound was unique and more sophisticated. Genesis is yet another rock band that aspired to progressive rock. Their third progressive rock album set things straight for this band. They were a symphonic rock band and thus a progressive rock band.

Great Britain was the first country that started the progressive rock movement, but Italy was not far behind either. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorco and Premiata Forneria Marconi were progressive rock bands that led the way for all rock bands all over Europe to progress and define this rock genre. As far as the progressive rock movement is concerned, these two European countries were the ones that opened all doors and invited all rock bands to evolve and give the world great progressive rock albums. However, Great Britain is still the top promoter of progressive rock bands, with Caravan, another progressive rock band from this country, being the one that defined the third sub- genre of progressive rock: Canterbury. So, at the end of the 1960s, progressive rock bands established three sub- genres: hard prog, symphonic and Canterbury.


The 1970s represented the crowning of progressive rock as a genre and some of the greatest progressive rock albums were released in this decade. Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a brick” or Rush’s “2112” are only two of the most appreciated progressive rock albums released in the 70s. Moreover, this decade brought another ten sub- genres of progressive rock to life, and many progressive rock bands came forth in this period. As if progressive rock was not complicated enough, art folk, classical prog, folk prog, ambient, Rio, pomp prog, jazz fusion, electronic, Zeuhl and krautrock were listed as sub- genres of the 60s rock genre.

In the next two decades, progressive rock did not progress as much as it had up to that moment. In the 80s, it was dethroned by the punk movement and progressive rock bands chose to give birth to another sub- genre: neo progressive. There were few progressive rock albums released in the 80s, some of the most prolific ones being Rush’s “Moving Pictures” or Fate’s Warning’s “No Exit”. Progressive metal rock was also listed as a sub- genre in this period. The 1990s were dominated by the development of metal prog, through Dream Theatre. This decade is mainly characterized by the revival of the progressive scene of the seventies.

For more resources about Progressive rock bands or even about progressive rock albums please review this web page

For more resources about Progressive rock bands or even about progressive rock albums please review this web page

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Club Progressive House Music May 2011

BEST TOP Club Progressive House Music JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY SUMMER AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2010 2011 DJ Lucas Macchiato YOUTUBE CHANNEL(lololotu) FACEBOOK CHANNEL (lucas macchiato) TWITTER CHANNEL (lucasmengual) SOUNDCLOUD CHANNEL (lucasmacchiato) Tracklist: Opera (World Extended Mix) – Mat’s Mattara feat. Rockman Alex Gaudino (Feat. Kelly Rowland) – What a feeling (Nicky Romero Remix) Swanky Tunes, Hard Rock Sofa – Thank You (Original Mix) High Life 2011 (Original Mix) – Daft Punk & eSQUIRE BONUS TRACK: LMFAO Ft. Lauren Bennett Goon Rock – Party Rock Anthem 2010 (Original Mix) meilleure musique de danse,beste Tanzmusik,最高のダンス音楽,mejor música de baile,migliore musica dance,最佳舞曲音乐,最佳舞曲音樂,en iyi dans müziği,Лучшая танцевальная музыка house electro dance music 2010 2011, winter, summer, italo, italian, progressive, disco, dance, vocal, latin, love, techno, tekno, hits, club, remix, deadmau5, david guetta, pitbull, newest, europe, usa, axwell, hits 2010, great club, bass, collection, love house music, dj lucas macchiato September, October, November, December, Electro, House music, House 2010 Club music, bass, remix, inna, europe, usa, canada, klaas, john dahlback, dj, axwell, benny benassi, Chocolate Puma, Bingo Players, dj tiesto, david guetta, sexy, hot, dj antoine, jean elan, laurent wolf, spencer & hill, swedish house mafia Steve Angello, Laidback Luke
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Another Original Progressive Rock/Metal Song by Steven DeMartini

SUBSCRIBE! Working on more original music! I love feedback, and please rate too! I wrote this song junior year of high school (so around 2007 or 2008), and I have performed it three or four times with a few different musicians. I’ve gotta thank Josef Kay for helping to write some of the bass parts back then and influencing how this song turned out. Also, these drum parts are somewhat based on what Nico Spence played when we performed. I have updated riffs and changed a few things, but the song is generally the same as it was when it was written. If you’re wondering why it’s not quite as technical as my first original YouTube upload, it’s because I wrote the song a while ago. But I hope you still enjoy it regardless. I recorded the song using Reaper as my DAW. The guitar and bass were recorded by me, direct into the computer with no microphones or amps. I used Guitar Rig 3 for the guitar tones. I wrote out the drum parts and ran the midi file through a virtual instrument for the realistic sound because I had no way of miking and recording my own live drums. As with my last YouTube upload, this song is still untitled. I am planning on putting up an EP in the not-too-distant future after I get a couple more songs finished, and by then I will come up with names for all of my songs at last haha. My guitar on the recording and in this video is a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR, and the bass is an old Squier P-Bass. Both are tuned standard. Copyright 2010 Steven DeMartini