NINE plays COME AS YOU ARE Nirvana 13th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival 2011

Nine plays a cover of the Nirvana song Come As You Are at the 2011 Eagle Rock Music Festival. Formerly known as 4 SCORE and before that Random Rock, these kids are still rockin’ hard! Savannah on Vocals, Spencer on Guitar, Evan on Bass and Chris on Drums.

McDonald’s Employee Plays Dead Island At Work

An argument breaks out in line at a McDonald’s and words are exchanged between employee’s and two customers. After some light enticement a young woman can be seen jumping over the counter in an attempt to attack an employee. When the woman reaches a corner behind the counter she is met by an employee swinging a metal pole. The employee proceeds to beat the young lady to the ground as she tries to escape all while people and other employees try to get him to stop.