Metallica – Orion – piano cover [HD] – new, improved, with sheet music available.

From the album “Master of Puppets”. My second version. Based on sheet music I was making recently, for more information about sheets, please visit my site –

Rock – The Autumn Descent – Orion The Burden of Distance! – WAY➚

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Metallica – Orion [Indio April 23,2011]

Metallica Live April 23, 2011 at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California Setlist 1. Creeping Death 2. For Whom the Bell Tolls 3. Fuel 4. Ride the Lightning 5. Fade to Black 6. Cyanide 7. All Nightmare Long 8. Sad But True 9. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 10. Orion 11. One 12. Master of Puppets 13. Blackened 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman Encore 16. Am I Evil? w/ the Big 4 17. Hit the Lights 18. Seek & Destroy