MikelWJ Music – That’s War – Official Music Video (ORIGINAL SONG)

Download my first album on iTunes at this link! itunes.apple.com Add my facebook page: www.facebook.com MikelWJ’s new music video for his song “That’s War”. this song is based off of the perspectives of two different soldiers during World War 1 (WWI). Download link: www.mediafire.com This music video was shot on a Canon EOS 7D and edited in Final Cut Express Video filmed and edited by Cody Powers: www.youtube.com Lyrics below: I remember seeing a poster, a paper of propaganda. It said war was heroic and something that we could handle. So I signed up for my country, the stars and the stripes. Soon I left my house, my kids, my friends and wife. This isn’t what I expected at all I guess you could say. Most times, sleepless nights followed by bombs in the day. It’s hard to take when you see all of your friends die In the trenches right next to the place where you lie! Our leader gives us the order; it’s time we charge the line. No one wants to go first since we know that it means dying. We start to run across no-man’s land with heads down. Bullets fly by, followed by the sound of mortar rounds. By the time we reach the other side, half of us are dead. Jump into their trench, fist to fist and gun to head. At that point I saw a German soldier, looked barely twenty one. I killed him cold blooded; the evil deed had been done… It’s sad how the world thinks that it’s all okay… It’s sad how I don’t know if I’ll live another day. On the front lines of war you can never be sure

RubenMo3 – Threatened by the Devil (Original song)

FaceBook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Me playing my original song ‘Threatened by the Devil’. Im NOT good at playing drums, but hopefully i will be better! Soo, yeah… Hope you like this metal song! 🙂 Software: GarageBand Check out my other videos: YouTube.com

MOTIVATION – “Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure” – Best Inspirational Video Ever [Original]

Connect with me on Facebook: bit.ly Video footage from Snatch. Audio clips from Muhammad Ali’s speech, Rocky, and Coach Carter. Still photography by Gabriel Stiritz and Lauren Herreid. Music from Transformers and Gladiator. Hanz Zimmer. This is a fan-made video. VIDEO SCRIPT/LYRICS: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, beyond measure. Ima show you, how great I am. Last night I cut the light off in my bedroom, hit the switch, and was in the bed before the room was dark. Ima show you, how great I am. Only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick, Im so mean I make medicine sick. Ima show you, how great I am. This kids gonna be the best kid in the world. This kids gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew. Ima show you, how great I am. I have wrastled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lightnin, thrown thunder in jail. Ima show you, how great I am. All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you, I know you got him, I know youve got him picked, but the mans in trouble, Ima show you how great I am. But somewhere along the line you changed, you stopped being you. You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you youre no good, and when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame, like a big shadow. Let me tell you something you already know, the world aint all sunshine and rainbows, its a very mean and nasty place
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Sabaton – Metal Ripper (Original Lyrics)

Heavy Metal will never die! Metal Ripper is from the album Coat of Arms (2010). The Ripper, Judas Priest Neon Knights, Black Sabbath Mr. Crowley, Ozzy Osborne Gates of Babylon, Rainbow Burn in Hell, Twisted Sister Rising Force, Yngwie Malmsteen Balls to the Wall, Accept Where Dragons Rule, Crimson Glory Master of Puppets, Metallica The Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden We Will Rock You, Queen Perfect Strangers, Deep Purple Gate of Heaven, Heavens Gate Crazy Train, Ozzy Osborne CAUTION! I won’t tolerate any racist, discriminatory or in any other form inappropriate comments! This song neither glorifies war, nor National Socialism, but should be considered as a historical work. “No, we don’t glorify anything, we just tell stories about things that have happened.” (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton) Please support Sabaton and purchase their current album Coat of Arms. ———- Heavy Metal will never die! Metal Ripper stammt vom Album Coat of Arms (2010). ACHTUNG! Ich dulde keine rassistischen, diskriminierenden oder in sonstiger Form unangemessene Kommentare! Dieses Lied verherrlicht weder Krieg, noch den Nationalsozialismus, sondern ist rein historisch zu betrachten! “Nein, wir verherrlichen nichts, wir erzählen nur Geschichten über Dinge, die passiert sind.” (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton) Bitte unterstützt Sabaton und kauft euch das aktuelle Album Coat of Arms.

Pestilence – Out Of The Body (Original Version)

From the 1989 album “Consuming Impulse”. © Roadrunner Records. Martin Van Drunen – Vocals Patrick Mameli – Guitar / Bass Patrick Uterwijk – Guitar Marco Foddis – Drums Lyrics: In the darkness They crawl on places Where you can’t see or hear them come Marching silently When it’s dawn they will be gone A swelling on my body Makes me suffer, live in anxiety No time to waste Just open the abscess, will you please help me The ignorance is dominating Remedies you try I can not live this life any longer What is it and why? While you’re asleep They’ll enter your skin The search for a new place where they will dwell They give their children A place to be born You won’t notice except for the smell Mysteriousness, researchers can’t explain The sorrow of this internal pain It’s burning stronger day by day Cure me, there must be a way Desperation, confused mind Never heard of a disease of this kind So tell me what can I do To leave this Hell I’m going through Human blood The perfect place Birth of descendants Creatures living In my veins, the horror Frightening, sickening The pain that I am bearing Begging, please get them Out of my body In the darkness They crawl on places Where you can’t see or hear them come Marching silently When it’s dawn they will be gone Human blood The perfect place Birth of descendants Creatures living In my veins, the horror Frightening, sickening The pain that I am bearing Begging, please get them Out of my body

Evil-Kind (Original Heavy Metal Halloween Song) By: Chris Luizzi

Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Download this song for free at Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com If you like this please share it with your friends, thank you! 🙂 Here’s an original song by me that I made for the Halloween season, I hope you all enjoy it! All the Instruments you hear in this song are played by me.
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One Way Ticket [w/ Lyrics] – Gentleman’s Vibe [ORIGINAL]

HEY GUYS!! We FRIGGIN missed ya’ll!! Sorry we’ve been gone for a while! We’ve been working like craaazy on our new mixtape called THE “OH SNAP! WE’RE BACK!” MIXTAPE which will be out VERY VERY soon and also our upcoming untitled Album/EP that’s set to be released this summer. Anyways, here’s an original song from our mixtape. A song that’s basically about our dreams and goals as we take this path towards our music careers. And honestly sometimes.. it’s really hard not to daydream about what the future holds haha so we hope ya’ll like it! It’s been a pretty depressing past couple of weeks for the world, so here’s some feel good music to jam to : ) PEACE&LOVE…#PRAYFORJAPAN -GENTLEMAN’S VIBE Download : limelinx.com Lyrics: Different places, unknown faces but we keep chasing all these stages keep on climbing to my destination keep on making this thing called music Don’t look down cause we gon’ make it never gonna stop, it’s a one way ticket one way ticket, pack your bags it’s a one way ticket, no turning back [Verse One – Neal] So I’m hoppin’ on a plane, first class, chillin’ with the stewardess I got a one way ticket, I ain’t turnin’ back see my bags have been packed for a while and this lifestyle’s busy so you gotta redial Infact, some people hate me with a passion so I wait for disapproval like a bad transaction but I don’t care, they can crush my dreams I’m high on life, bi-winning, like I’m Charlie Sheen Damn, this lifestyle’s the opposite of boring cracked and thumbed
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