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Marc Playle – Narcosis (Guitar Idol 2009 Online Final)


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Your Favorite Music Videos Now Online


Music videos are even better that just the audio because it adds visual appeal to the music. Music is an antidote against all evils. One can literally inject music into ones lives to beat stress. Whether at home or while travelling, one would love to watch the video of their favorite guitar solo or the recent chartbuster. Music is as intoxicating as is expensive liquor; music videos are even more exciting to watch. Music impacts the social society and serves as a bond between otherwise strangers or people from different communities.

Watching videos of your favorite pop songs or those of your favorite rock band are sure to evoke emotions in you that you never felt while only listening to the audio. Music enthusiasts of all ages prefer music videos over just the music to feel submerged in the emotion. This culture is expanding, and more and more people are switching over to music videos. Some even purchase video CDs to watch their favorite singers perform “LIVE” in front of their eyes. Music videos uploaded on the Internet can even be downloaded and shared with each other. It serves as great platform for bonding with fans all over the world.

Free Music Videos on the Web are just a few clicks away. Music videos captivate all music lovers allowing them to enter a new world altogether. One major advantage of online free music videos is that they can be watched at any given time of the day, irrespective of the place. Online music videos have definitely smashed barriers across cultures and enabled people to explore various new genres.

Websites that feature music videos offer you categories to choose from genres like rock, pop, classical, country, favorite singer, and even the song itself. A few clicks and you can see Bryan Adams performing LIVE or can experiment with new music that is making waves. The websites are a huge database of millions of songs; your favorite song, however obscure, can be found on this site. One can even upload new upcoming music videos for others to see; this helps in evolution of music.

Watching music videos made easy online. These websites are easy to navigate and very user friendly. They offer separate search options for the genre, the name of the album, the artist, and in some cases the words used in the song. The website stores all the top music videos as per their popularity. Internet connections are fast now-a-days, and the videos appear true-to-life. For a die-hard music enthusiast, who missed a much awaited concert, such websites are definitely a boon. New songs, as they are composed, are added to these databases so as to cater to all user brackets. They house all songs, right from the latest rock song to the relatively less followed African music. With the Internet connections getting better and better, the videos are of a top-notch quality; this certainly makes watching them a terrific experience.

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FIFA 11 – Top 10 build up goals 2010/2011 season (full manual controls; online)


Second part of my FIFA 11 goodbye videos. – Full manual controls (vs full manual players) – Online ranked or player matches. FIFA 11 compilations: – Week #1: – Week #2: – Week #3: – Week #4: – Top 10 October: www.youtub…

Learn to Play Your Favorite Rock Songs with Online Rock Guitar Lessons


What is your favorite music genre? It is rock? Then you can also play your favorite rock songs by simply knowing how to play the guitar. If you would like to know how to make that happen, then you can try to check the online rock guitar lessons available in the market.

How to Look for the Online Rock Guitar Lessons

The online world is already the leading place where you can find and purchase all the products that you are looking for. So if you are shopping for the online rock guitar course, you can absolutely get it here. But the big question is, how will you look for them and what are the considerations you need to have? If you know how to use the computer, that will not be as hard as you think.

By simply using Google and typing in the keyword “online rock guitar lessons”, there will already be lots of results that will appear. This time, you can already begin investigating the description of every course and evaluate the features and benefits they offer you. But that is not enough so you also need to digest customer reviews so that you can know the ins and outs of your prospect products. Let the comments and feedbacks of the previous customers guide you and provide you with the kind of information you are looking for.


The Contents Your Online Rock Guitar Lessons Should Have

There are only three instruction materials that make up the online rock guitar course such as the manual, videos and bonus software. They must have the highest quality to bring you a high class instruction as well.

With regard to the manual, you need to look into the lessons presented for the beginner. It must be able to introduce to you what the difference of rock style to other music styles so that you can easily understand its concepts. It must also focus on how to explain the other rock guitar theories and principles that can make you more grounded on how to come up with your own guitar playing style.

The videos and the bonus software must also have the highest visual and audio quality to help you learn how to play your favorite songs and to jam with your idol rock guitarists as well. By having them, you can have a 100% learning satisfaction.

Want to play your favorite rock songs? Grab the online rock guitar course for you now!


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Download From Paris with Love Full Movie | Watch movie From Paris with Love Online


Download From Paris with Love Full Movie

The absurdity of French squad Pierre Morel and Luc Besson have provided some of the most vivid and exhilarating action sequences caught on film. The team behind revenge fantasies Taken and District B13 return to France for their most polarizing film yet, From Paris With Love. Shot against a backdrop of a loosely-formed plot, their stories are merely used as an excuse to execute outlandish, over-the-top, borderline, laughable action scenes that are guaranteed to evoke reactions from viewers. Whether they are jaw-dropping or eye-rolling, their brand of action is truly a sight.

James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) works in the U.S. Embassy in Paris, France. Serving conversation points and meeting dignitaries may seem like an exciting job with tons of free espresso, but Reece has other, more dangerous ambitions; like being a super spy. Hidden from his bosses, Reece also works as an apprentice-level agent with duties that consist of flipping license plates for incoming super agents, planting bugs in high-level official’s offices and dropping everything to take calls from his mysterious handler. However, this life, for all the cloak-and-dagger busy-work, isn’t what he’s looking for. Reece wants action and fistfuls of it.

During a romantic rooftop dinner with his girlfriend Caroline (Kasia Smutniak), Reece finally gets the call he was waiting for: the big promotion. Well, maybe, if he can just pick up his new partner, who is currently being held up at French customs. Upon his arrival at the airport, Reece meets Charlie Wax (John Travolta), a loud-mouthed American ass kicker hell-bent on having his Rattlesnake energy drinks accompany him on his tour of Paris. The reason for his arrival? To shoot up a Chinese restaurant, dismantle bad guys and stop a terrorist threat made on an upcoming American-Franco summit in the French capital. Along the way, audiences will be treated to one-liners, a copious amount of “motherf*ckers,” and way too much entertainment.

Straight away when watching this movie, one could detect that something is amiss. A sappy first act is followed by the human tornado of Travolta’s Charlie Wax mixed with a furious sledgehammer of gunshots, through-the-window action and explosions that shake the foundation of a barely palatable story. It’s a roller-coaster of mayhem, poor acting and guilty fun. One could choose to look at From Paris With Love two ways. 1) as a campy look at ’80s action films complete with heavy metal riffs after a hail of bullets concludes, phrases like “Wax always gets it done,” and the ye olde pairing of a roguish bad-ass with a wet-behind-the-ears up-and-comer who has never seen real action before or 2) the most ridiculous monstrosity of 2010.

From Paris is just too much fun to resist. It never takes itself too serious and pokes fun at itself to remind audiences that, no, we don’t take this that seriously either. It’s because of the lack of self-seriousness that makes the movie work overall. But it’s not without its major faults. For such an incongruous movie of this magnitude, it’s only fitting that Morel and Besson install nearly one of the worst endings seen this year, which almost unravels all the goodwill built up during this 90-minute ejection seat from reality.

Then again, this may be Morel and Besson’s plan. What an enigma From Paris With Love truly is.

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Download Jonah Hex Full Movie | Watch movie Jonah Hex Online


Download Jonah Hex Full Movie

The Western genre meshes well with horror and dark fantasy when done carefully. The Burrowers, Stephen Kings Wasteland series and Ravenous are all marvelous examples.   They take both of their genre sources seriously and do more than combine the conventions of each. In short they are good movies, good novels, good stories. Jonah Hex is lifelessly adapted from solid source material but does not tell a good story. In fact it barely tells a story at all.

Hex (Josh Brolin) is a civil war veteran turned bounty recruited by the government to track down renegade terrorist Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich) also the murderer of Hexs wife and son. Turnbull plans to unleash a nation killer weapon during the centennial celebration in Washington and Hex, together with his prostitute lover Lila (Megan Fox) is the only one who can stop him.

If this plot hackneyed wait until you see film itself which plays like it was edited by a group of seriously panicked studio execs. We get a decent bit of gunplay to start the film and badly written but tolerable character introductions but by about half an hour in the films pacing goes straight to movie hell with one unnecessary or worse disconnected moment after another winding up towards an ending that is so predictable and so lifeless you realize the execs were right to be panicked. There is literally nothing else to be said. But I’ll do my best.

I haven’t read the original screenplay but the fact that it’s by the team of Neveldine and Taylor should be a tip off that the problems start there. This is the duo responsible for the Crank films and the recent misfire Gamer (as well as the solidly below average horror thriller Pathology). There’s just no meat on the bones here. It’s as if everything mildly interesting about the world Hex comes from has been bled out in favor of bland conventions. Whatever Hex was going to be it is hard to imagine it interpreted as per the frenetic visual style of Crank which is easily the best things this duo has been associated with.

It would be interesting to see the raw footage director Jimmy Hayward was working with at the beginning of the editing process. Surely the guy behind the highly entertaining Horton Hears A Who (2008) and who trained at Pixar has far more of a sense of story than this. And the films problems certainly don’t rest with the actors. Brolin is predictably fun and looks great as Hex but the character, as written here, loses all of his near psychopathic bluster he had in the comics. Hex might shoot you for making fun of his face but only if you catch him relatively early in the movie. By the films end he is little more than a crass copy of James Bond or some mildly interesting secondary character from Wild Wild West. Malkovich isn’t exactly slumming but his role is overshadowed early on by Michael Fassbender who plays Turnbulls henchman Burke to the absolute Irish hilt. Michael Shannon, given a lead billing here, has been edited down to a single line of dialogue offering further proof that somebody has monkeyed endlessly with this thing. Lastly, worse than anything else, is the score by the heavy metal band Mastodon. It’s obnoxiously grating, completely inappropriate and turns even the most mildly interesting action sequences into self parody.

Given sufficient care Jonah Hex could have been an ultra-gritty low-budget gem. But the film all but ignores the lush supernatural landscape and creatures that dotted the comic in favor of played out action hero heroics and watered down slicked up mass appeal that will leave fans disappointed and newcomers indifferent. Expectations for Hex have been shrinking ever since reshoots were announced. But when Chicago critics received an email informing them of the films scant 81 minute run time expectations vanished. The most we could hope for was a good piece of kitsch.

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