My Top 10 Favorite Metal/Rock Bands (When I was 14)

– – – -PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING- – – – Youtube muted this video by copyright issues. You can find the songs and band names in this description! This is an old video, i don’t like nickelback and rhcp anymore:) but rhcp’s bassist, Flea is kick ass, check him out! Not of all bands are my favorite songs of these! 1# Children Of Bodom – Silent Night, Bodom Night (melodic death metal/power metal) 2# In Flames – F(R)iend (melodic death metal) 3# Soilwork – Exile (melodic death metal) 4# Arch Enemy – The Great Darkness (melodic death metal) 5# Amon Amarth – Asator (viking/death metal) 6# Dimmu Borgir – Puritania (symphonic black metal) 7# Ignite – Fear Is Our Tradition (hardcore) 8# Lamb Of God – Redneck (metalcore/groove metal) 9# Nickelback – Rockstar (alternative rock) 10# Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around The World (funk rock) Please rate. Enjoy! 🙂

東方Touhou Metal/Rock 0

“Spirit who leaves fate to the dream of eternity” Mima’s description on “Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream” Title: Reincarnation Artist: UI-70 Album: The Gift Original: Reincarnation Mima was one of the first bosses of the 1st Doujin Touhou Game ever created by Amusement Makers and ZUN, “東方靈異伝~ Highly Responsive to Prayers” (that was a different gameplay from today Touhou standars). By this time, no story is known for Mima aside from being a ghost haunting the Hakurei Shrine. In the second game “東方封魔録~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland”, Mima wants revenge against the entire human raze, although her motivations were, are, and will be a mystery, for eternity. Starting with the Hakurei Shrine, Mima sends out her subordinates, youkais and ghosts in order to destroy the shrine. Reimu starts an adventure to avenge the responsable of this tragedy, and after encountering many enemies on the way (including Marisa Kirisame, first Mima’s subordinate), Mima makes herslef present. Reimu engages into a thrilling combat against the evil ghost Magican, and in order to exorcise her enemy once and for all, she most win no matter what. Of course, Reimu achieves victory over the feared spirit, however, Mima dissapears before this could be accomplished. We get to the point were Mima “Reincarnate” into a character not anymore driven by anger, but to achieve it’s own late salvation, in an attempt to revive herself she and her subordinate Marisa Kirisame joins as a playable character onto
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Doom and Metal/Rock: A Comprehensive Comparison

Well, ‘almost’ comprehensive. I wasn’t able to include a comparison between E2M6’s music and “Going After Newt” from the ALIENS movie score, nor one between E3M2’s music and “Leather Rebel” by Judas Priest. Also, you might notice I dissented from popular opinion as to what E2M2’s music is based on. Ultimately, many of these comparisons are subjective; you’re free to agree or disagree. Here’s the list of songs featured: e1m1 – “No Remorse” by Metallica e1m4 – “Rise” by Pantera e1m6 – “Sanity Obscure” by Believer e2m1 – “Big Gun” by AC/DC e2m2 – “Mr. Doctor” by Devil Doll e2m3 – “Regular People (Conceit)” by Pantera e2m9 – “Mouth for War” by Pantera e3m3 – “Behind the Crooked Cross” by Slayer e3m8 – “Sargent D & the SOD” by SOD Map01 – “Hangar 18” by Megadeth Map02 – “Samba Briza” by Atheist Map07 – “South of Heaven” by Slayer Map09 – “Sex Type Thing” by Stone Temple Pilots Map10 – “After All (the Dead)” by Black Sabbath Map18 – “This Love” by Pantera Map23 – “Them Bones” by Alice in Chains Map25 – “Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains
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