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10 Great Less-Known Modern Rock Bands (Download Links Included)


These songs are not mine and should be credited towards there rightful owners. I do not wish to use this for any profit but only for the entertainment of others. NO PARTICULAR ORDER! These are all OPINION BASED so please keep nasty comments to yourself. Genres Included: Rock, Hard Rock, Christian Rock 10. Pillar – Fireproof 9. Spineshank – Synthetic 8. Earshot – Pushing to Shove 7. Dead Poetic – New Medicines 6. RED – Hide 5. Deadsun – If Only (Seen in Top 20 Modern Rocks Songs EXTRA) (Does Not Work) 4. Ra – Broken Hearted Soul (Does Not Work) 3. Anew Revolution – True Faith (Does Not Work) 2. Egypt Central – You Make Me Sick (Does Not Work) 1. After Midnight Project – Take Me Home (Does Not Work) EXTRA – Egypt Central – Different (Does Not Work) Trying to help out a good friend to get referrals. Point2shop is a pretty neat website where you can get free stuff for doing online things. Whether its watching videos, doing surveys or playing games, you get points by doing them. Signing up already gives you 250 points which you can already get things using that. Signup link: 1000 Views – May 16, 2010 2000 Views – June 21, 2010 PLEASE TELL ME IF LINKS DO NOT WORK! Thanks for watching. Please rate, comment and subscribe.
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