TeamHeadKick Music Videos – “MK Maniac” Mortal Kombat Techno Rap Click here to watch Dead Rising 2 Rap “Here they Come” by TeamHeadKick (Music Video) “MK Maniac” Mortal Kombat Techno Rap by TeamHeadKick (Musical Machinima) TeamHeadKick takes on one of the greatest fighting games of all time with this epic theme song. MP3 Available on iTunes: To view all of our music videos check out our channel: *Lyrics Fists and Feet and Heads and Bones Always Cracking your skull, I’m impaling your dome In A Fight to the death, can never get enough Drop down to the ground and uppercut you in your nuts Bust you in your face, with a foot to the ear Stab a spike in your chest and yell, “Get Over Here” Turning up the heat, I’ll extinguish your lights, Say goodnight motherfucker, cause its “Round 1 Fight”. Combo your Ass like a drugged up weirdo, Making you freeze, with my man sub zero Its hunting time, and I’m bringing the pain Going “wa wa wa” to your ribs with Liu Kang Move too fast, cause you can’t hit me You’re Justin Bieber — Gaytality Beat you from the ground to the top of your chin, Now here comes the End. Finish Him. MK Maniac, Since the Old School its Mortal Kombat, I be killing fools Fatality, This game is so sick, Step into the ring you’ll leave parapalegic Losing your arms, and I be bleeding you out, Shiva stop screaming, here’s a breathmint for your mouth Electric bolts Raiden he be lightin you up, Kitana and her Mama are big old sluts I ain’t afraid, To beat a woman up Knock Jade the fuck out
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Mortal Kombat – Metal Cover

Facebook Page Follow on Twitter This is a metal cover of Techno Syndrome and the Player Select/ Title theme from Mortal Kombat. • Artist: Sbeast • Song Remix Name: Fight to the Death • Original songs: Techno Syndrome, Player Select • Game: Mortal Kombat • Original Composers: The Immortals, Dan Forden Free mp3 download