George Kollias – Sacrifice unto Sebek (Intense Metal Drumming DvD)

George playing Sacrifice unto Sebek. Taken from his DvD ”Intense Metal Drumming”. I do not own this video and all rights go to George and the publishers of this educational DvD. Enjoy and comment :))
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Karl Sanders and George Kollias of Nile

Karl Sanders and George Kollias of Nile
death metal bands
Image by Metal Chris
Nile is a death metal band from South Carolina that sings almost exclusively about ancient Egypt. This show was an off date gig from the Ozzfest tour. This shot was taken at Jaxx nightclub in Springfield, Virginia (Washington DC area) on 27 August 2007. Click here to see a video on YouTube that I shot of these guys playing Lashed To The Slave Stick at this show.

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